Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lazy Day

shirt: Target, necklace: Old Navy, belt: Forever 21, pants: NY&Co., shoes: Kohl's

I agree with Beth - skirts are wonderful, but some days I'm just too lazy to shave my legs and today was one of those days. Black dress pants used to be such a closet staple for me. I would wear them probably three days a week to work, all year. Now I rely on skirts and my black straight leg jeans so much that I think I wear my dress pants maybe once a month or so. I just love wearing skirts now and they've been the easiest thing for me to thrift so I have plenty!

Funny story from today: I went to the same location I went to yesterday to take my photos, but the weather was so much nicer today that it was really busy! I'm getting better, but still have a fear of taking pictures of myself in public. I was getting ready to take the second picture above and this girl came through the doors from the parking garage. I was so embarrassed, but she was so sweet! She even offered to take my pictures for me but I was so thrown off that we just laughed and then I bolted to my car and a new location after she went on her way. I felt like such a crazy lady!!

By the way...did you guys notice that I took your advice and went for the belt and statement(ish) necklace for an outfit that's warm weather friendly?!

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  1. i love your blouse, what a great pop of color against classic black slacks. i'm trying to get away from wearing my trusty pair of black slacks too often too. i'll probably be wearing an outfit pretty similar to this tomorrow myself!

  2. I have those days I don't feel like shaving! I have that same thing about taking my picture in public. I am trying to get over and slowly but surely I am.

  3. Love ur top

  4. LOL, I love that she offered to take your pictures though! That was nice of her! I love your shirt! What awesome colors! It looks great next to your black pants!! I wore pants again today, not just in protest of shaving but it is raining cats and dogs outside too. So this way I stay drier!

  5. I love that you accessorized with a belt and long necklace! That's really funny that the lady offered to take photos for you. I am also still not 100% comfortable taking photos in public (but I do it for the sake of the blog).

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I really enjoyed this post and photos!

  7. I have the same problem with taking pictures of myself-especially during the week when everything is really busy. I did find that on the weekends empty office buildings are great locations for shoots and they are usually empty.