Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fear of Mom Jeans

shirt: Old Navy, scarf/shoes: Target, jeans: Gap Outlet

I really like this shirt (especially because it was only $5), but it's tighter than most of the shirts in my closet. I might run, but I love sweets and chips way too much to probably ever have a six pack. Usually I wear my tank top underneath with the spanx-like material, but I'm a lazy bum and it's been in my dirty laundry for longer than I can remember. (oops) So, for the first time ever, I selected my jeans for the day based on the fact that they have a higher waistline and tummy slimming abilities.  Sigh.  

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  1. Ahh yes, Mom jeans. I have 2 and occasionally have to bust out the mom jeans that go all the way up to my belly button. Who needs a six pack anyway? All I have say to myself is, "I've had two kids, that's more womanly and awesome than having a "perfect" body!" :) You look adorable! I love those jeans and that scarf!

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  2. LOL mom jeans. I have a pair that are kind of like that and I always try to choose a shirt that is a little bit longer to cover up the high waist! I have to say they are kind of comfy though.

    Six packs are overrated!

    And I love the color your top and the scarf you paired with it - very pretty!

  3. Haha, I love chips and sweets too! You're already a step ahead of me by running though, I don't work out that often. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I LOVE sweets. You look super cute! Love the scarf.

  5. Found your link through the Pleated Poppy and thought i'd say hello. You look great! I love your scarf! I've been wanting to try to pull off that look, but not sure how to go about it. and your jeans do not look like mom jeans, they are super cute