Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Mess

tee: Forever 21, belt/skirt: thrifted, shoes: Kmart

Holy hot mess. I was almost way too embarrassed to put these pictures up on the internet. I know I'm like a broken record lately, but today my co-worker told me she thought there should be some kind of labor laws against working somewhere without air conditioning and I couldn't agree more. In addition to feeling miserable, look what it's doing to my hair! So let's just ignore from the neck up and focus on the outfit, ok?  Thanks friends! :) This outfit was a split second decision this morning. I felt the need for fun shoes and finally busted these out again. They earned their fair share of comments today (good ones though!) and a co-worker even told me I reminded her of United Colors of Benetton!

*My husband just looked over my shoulder and asked why I keep taking pictures in front of that boring wall everyday! I've been really missing the outdoor pictures, but between the heat and my running schedule I feel like it's indoor pictures or no pictures. I may have to give the outdoors a try again soon!

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  1. So wait, what? No AC? That's just crazy talk. ;)

    Great shoes!

  2. I think your shoes are so cute! The weather is doing a number on my hair too. I've had to wear it up quite a bit lately. I love the color of your skirt. It creates a nice contrast with your shoes :)

  3. no air conditiones in summer!!!!! poor girl =( you look great with that messy hair =)

  4. Love the bright skirt with the shoes! Such a fun & bright combo! I can't imagining living without A/C! My word does the opposite and freezes us, but I'll take that over the heat any days!

  5. Those shoes are adorable, I love them paired with the bright skir tand the neutrals up top :) I can't believe you have to suffer with no a/c all day - I like to complain about how cold my office is because of our frigid air, but I prefer this 100% over nothing! That's miserable!

  6. No A/C? Man I feel you! Ours breaks down every once and awhile in my office and it's awful. The humid weather has been just destroying my hair too.

    I love your bright skirt and striped top! And I don't mind your "boring" wall, makes your outfit pop!

  7. I cannot even imagine being in a place with no AC, I'm sweating just thinking about it. You look super cute, love the shoes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Crazy! But, at least your outfit is super duper cool!

    Understated Classics

  9. I LOVE those shoes! And what a great compliment from your coworker :)