Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shopping Ban Summary

A little recap of the items I've bought since the month long shopping ban ended last week:

maxi skirt: $17.99, slouchy black tee: $17.99
(sorry for the lack of a hairstyle today...the day off work means I've been a bum all day and doing my hair was not something I was interested in! haha) 

black purse: $20

bracelet: $4

hoodie: on clearance for $11.88
shoes: on clearance for $17

shoes: on clearance for $11.88

Only two of these purchases were on my list. I'm a little disappointed by that, but have two trips planned for August that I thought the other pieces would be perfect for. The lightweight hoodie will likely be the only item with sleeves that I take on our vacation to South Carolina with my husband's family. I planned on the purse and the shoes being perfect for wandering around the city when we head to San Francisco to see my family a few weeks after the South Carolina trip. 

Overall, I'm happy with how the shopping ban went. Between lots of weekends out of town and my usual shopping times (a quick stop on the way home from work) being used for a training run instead, I stayed busy enough to not miss shopping. This whole preparing for a marathon thing is no joke. I didn't save as much money as I would've liked, but I was able to do things like pick up the tab when my husband and I went to dinner, and take my cousins kids to a baseball game as well as treat them to dinner and a souvenir from the game without adding to my credit card bill. That felt so much better than a new outfit to me!

I did learn a few lessons since the ban ended. When I headed to Target on Sunday to find a co-worker a birthday present, it was the first time I was allowed to shop for myself. I did well, and the only thing I purchased that wasn't on my shopping list of items I discovered I could really use during the ban was the $4 bracelet. Yesterday however, I stopped at Target again on my way home from work. I was in a much more relaxed state of mind and while there were still many things I wanted to buy, but didn't, I could've been smarter about the way I shopped.

I don't think another ban is necessary at this point in time is necessary, but I'll definitely have to still place more limits on myself. I still want to make a trip to Forever 21 for more inexpensive and colorful belts and jewelry, but will need to make sure I'm in a really focused mind set to go into that store and stick to any kind of budget. All in all I think the ban was good for me, and I may do another one in the future!

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  1. I do love the purple hoodie you found!

    You learned kind of the same things I learned from the shopping ban I went on last spring. I'm thinking of doing another one just because I feel like I've built my summer wardrobe pretty well at this point so I should wait for fall stuff now!

  2. I did a shopping ban in Jan-Mar this year and I think it was really helpful. I'm considering doing another 3 month break, but it's hard to commit to that! It sure did save me some money!

  3. Great maxi picked a great color. I am starting a shopping really save money during them! haha