Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gone Again!

tee: Old Navy, skirt: Target, shoes: thrifted, bracelets: from Jenn

Vacation number 2 is here! After work today, we'll be headed to San Francisco for a week with a weekend in Sonoma in the middle. By now, most of my dad's side of the family lives there, so I'm excited to get everyone together. My parents are already there as well as my aunt from Vermont. All together, there will be 19 of us in the same city. I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to that! Although I never get sick of most of the touristy stuff (I've been to Alcatraz something like 5 times now, but I do have a fascination with old buildings!), I'm looking forward to not needing to fit those things in since it's nobody's first trip to the city this time and to just enjoying some great restaurants, great bars, and great shopping with some of my favorite people! My cousin chose the place we're staying in Sonoma mainly for its proximity to some great really can't deny that we're related! :)

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  1. Have fun on vacation! This outfit is so simple. And gives me some courage to wear green- I have a skirt so similar to this!


    Understated Classics

  2. woohoo, family vacay, thats awesome! hav fun gal.
    love the green top with printed skirt, i need to buy more greens over pinks n blues :)

  3. Have a wonderful time on vacation! This is a darling combo - perfectly simple, yet chic. Love the bright green top with the black and white pattern.


  4. Love the green top - such a good color on you! And have a great time on your second vacation! :)

  5. Vacations are the best! I hope you have a great time!

  6. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me every time I see that you're wearing your bracelets!!! :)

  7. Very cute! Love that skirt! Have fun on your vacation! ;)

  8. i hope you are enjoying your vacation, jess! i've never been to california before but i think that i would enjoy doing touristy type things there too!