Wednesday, October 10, 2012


dress and tights: Target, boots: JCPenney

Sweater dresses. The perfect solution for when you need to be dressed up, but you're just bored to tears with black dress pants! Adding the green tights made me feel a little Peter Pan-ish, but they gave the outfit the personality I felt like it needed.

I feel like lately I've been short on words. I think the truth is that I come home from work and I'm just too exhausted to think. There's been so much to learn and take in, so I really have to focus and be engaged for my 8 hours each day to really be effective. It's such a change that it makes me realize that I was mostly just going through the motions by the end of my previous job. To add to the mental exhaustion, physically I feel worn out too - 11 days until the marathon!  But you know what, I'll take the exhaustion because overall I feel better than ever because the only way to better yourself is to challenge yourself and I'm certainly getting my fill of that!

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  1. Cute dress. The entire look is great. I love sweater dresses and tights!

  2. I LOVE a dressed up comfy outfit! Tights, boots, and sweater dresses are the perfect combo!

  3. I hear you on being challenged on words, many days lately I have no idea what to say when I'm writing my posts.

    I love your sweater dress and tights, I don't think it's Peter Pan like at all! Cute and cozy!

  4. I have that problem too sometimes - working full-time and then coming home and blogging can be mentally challenging! Good work keeping up with it though, and good luck on the marathon! :)

  5. I love this sweater dress on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee