Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Anxiety

shirt: Buffalo Exchange, sweater: Old Navy, skirt: Kohl's, boots: JCPenney, tights: Charlotte Russe

Have you ever had a day where you leave the house with a lot of confidence, thinking you've put together a great outfit, then on your way to work nearly have a panic attack thinking that you've gone a little overboard? That's what this outfit did to me. I love this skirt and I know I'll get a ton of use out of it. I knew I wanted to pair it with the blouse that has leopard print detail with a sweater layered on top. I planned on wearing plain black tights, but couldn't find them and I was running late, so these tights it was. Then on my way to work I kind of second guessed the appropriateness of my choice of leopard print and tall boots with these tights. Overall I think the uneasiness can be a positive thing, a sign that I've pushed myself outside of my normal comfort zone to try something new. As long as I'm not viewed as being unprofessional, I'm ok with those feelings! Has that every happened to you?

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  1. Girly, you look cute! I really like it. I think you still look professional, but I have those freakouts about outfits- oh, at least 3 out of the 5 days in a work week. Either way, at least you're making fashion fun! I can dig it!

  2. I've doubted myself many a time and posted my outfit only to have lots of people tell me they like what I did - so I totally relate. And you should relax because this does look good! I especially love your mustard skirt - I really want one like that!

  3. I totally understand what you mean, but I have to say that this outfit is SO cute! You did a great job putting it together!

  4. I love this! All the details work together really well, and this outfit photographed wonderfully!

    Found you on EBEW, love the blog!