About Me


Hi! I’m Jess. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a wife to my wonderful husband and we're new parents to the cutest little nugget (we may be biased though!). I started blogging at the beginning of 2012, when I found myself with this little thing called free time after almost 2 years of grad school during which I worked full time, we bought a house, planned a wedding, and trained for a half marathon. Until then, my typical work look was black pants and a cardigan with a tank or tee layered underneath. Weekend looks consisted of jeans and a cute top. Not bad, but certainly not flexing any creative muscle! 

While jeans and black pants are still staples in my closet, being a part of the blogging community has helped me develop more of my personal style - something I believe can make anyone walk a little taller each day. Personal style is always subject to change, and as a new mom I have a feeling I'll be learning how to dress practically while trying not to lose those personal touches it always makes me feel good to add to an outfit. Sometimes I'll get dressed and tell you all about it, and sometimes I'll just give in to all things comfortable and hang out in my leggings or yoga pants! :)