Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hard Work


shirt: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Victoria's Secret brand)
sweater: Target
pants: Kohl's
shoes: Target

Jacob and I had our first outing just the two of us on Sunday for one of my good friends' baby shower. I was really happy to have a reason to put on some real clothes and get out of the house for some girl time but let me just be real for a few minutes...

My hair is in a ponytail because 10 seconds into curling it Jacob started shrieking. Like to the point that my husband put him in the car and just kept driving around the block until I was ready to go to calm him down. I'm just happy I had the foresight to wash my hair on Saturday so that at a minimum I knew I'd be able to show up to the baby shower with clean hair.

I really love a good layered look, especially with colors being combined that complement each other like these. However, the sweater didn't last 5 minutes past walking into the baby shower because carrying a diaper bag, car seat with baby in it, and a gift is the closest think I've had to a workout in months and I didn't want to end up a sweaty mess. Baby holding can make you feel like you've got a little personal heater attached to you, so there's that too. 

Add to that the anxiety of being a new mom and worrying about whether or not your baby will be an angel baby during the baby shower or if he'll be an inconsolable crying mess and I won't know what to do with him. In case you were curious, he was perfect until most people had left and it was just a few of us close friends left. By the time I got him in the car seat and semi calmed down I was hot and frazzled enough that I didn't even try to put the sweater back on. So here you go - this complete outfit was worn for all of 20 minutes. I tried. It was exhausting. 


Friday, December 5, 2014

Jacob: 1 Month

1 month

I thought it would be fun to do monthly updates to talk about how we're doing. I hope you enjoy it, but at the very least I think these posts will be a good way to capture the things I want to remember and will be a whole heck of a lot of fun to read back through as he gets older. My nostalgic self will love that!

Nicknames: Both my husband and I call him buddy, I also call him sweet pea and baby boy. A good friend of ours calls him The Jake. Any Cleveland Indians fans who get that reference?! :)

Height: 22 inches, up from 21 inches at birth.

Weight: 12 pounds 5 ounces. Our big boy is in the 95th percentile! 

Favorite moment: When I held him for the first time and he recognized my voice.

Favorite characteristic: He has the look he does when he's sleeping and needs to stretch where he'll raise his eyebrows while keeping his eyes closed and purse his lips. It's the cutest damn thing and I wish I was quick enough with my camera to catch it!

Things he likes: Sleeping sideways across my belly. The few times we've taken him out he also seems to really like car rides. Hoping that's still the case when we go for our first long car ride when we head back home for Christmas!

Things he dislikes: Baths. Man does he dislikes those and and screams his head off.

Things we couldn't live without: The rock n play is the only thing we could get him to sleep in when we came home. Our exhausted selves were so thankful for that thing when we first came home! The boppy...makes it so much easier to have him sleep across my belly like he loves to do and makes feeding time so much easier.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Non-Maternity Outfit!

shirt: Target
jeggings: Target
boots: Target

Well here it is, the first real outfit I managed after having Jacob and all I can remember is that I threw these boots on in a rush to get out the door to his session for newborn pictures and when I stood up I got really excited because I realized that's the easiest I've put on a pair of shoes in months! :) But really, by the time I wore this outfit I was two and a half weeks postpartum and thankful for fitting into non maternity pants (although they're not buttoned and kept in place by one of those bands!) and for loose fitting shirts like this one. These kinds of shirts have been my favorite for quite awhile because I think loose fitting tops balance outfits with skinny leg pants and that's mostly what I wear, but think I'll love this combination even more now because it's pretty forgiving in the stomach area and who doesn't want that as they're recovering from having a baby?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time for a Change

Showing you what it looks like lately on the days I decide not to put on real clothes! :)

I've been going back and forth a bit, trying to decide if I want to switch things up around here and have decided to just go for it. So here you go - J's Style is now Jess Gets Dressed Sometimes! Why move away from J's Style? I've never really been a big fan of that blog title anyway. It was the best I came up with when I decided to give blogging a try back in January 2012. I've always been pretty terrified of people I know in real life finding out about my blog - something about that just makes me feel incredibly vulnerable but I'm hoping I overcome that feeling - and I just used my first initial because that fear had me questioning whether or not I even wanted to associate my name with this space. Ridiculous, I know. 

But Jess Gets Dressed Sometimes feels a little more fun, plus it's true! Sometimes I put in effort to get dressed and love to share that look and talk about it, then sometimes I really just want to throw on leggings or yoga pants and put my energy elsewhere, like snuggling up with my husband or now my baby boy. If I'm really lucky, maybe both! :) So here is where I'll  typically share my moments of having it together and probably some just for fun some life/weekend updates from time to time. Instagram is where it's at for sharing those in between moments, so if those interest you then you can find me here