Sunday, July 27, 2014

This is Real Life

photo (14)
shirt: H&M
shorts: Target
flip flops: Old Navy

Once again I find myself apologizing for a period of quiet time around here, but let me catch you up. Last week I had a few days of not feeling the greatest, I woke up with two cold sores on my lip, work was still insanely busy, and oh yeah I turned 30 - which I think I handled surprisingly well by the way! Then came the (3 day) weekend (woohoo!) but with that came a doctor's appointment, errands to run, some painting to do, a friends dinner to coordinate, more painting, some exercise, grocery store, prep for a cook out and pool time, then some more exercise. All this with a house guest for 48 hours, which can be a little tiring for this girl who's convinced her husband has successfully turned her into an introvert! 

Then I felt the energy to take pictures for an outfit post in an outfit that consisted of a tent like t-shirt that's not particularly flattering but I'm convinced is going to be the most glorious purchase I've made of all time, my one pair of maternity shorts pulled out of the dirty laundry this morning, cheap Old Navy flip flops, and hair that I didn't even give the chance to air dry before putting it up. At least I put a little make up on. And then, the lighting was all funny in my usual picture taking spot because the wall is now a dark blue and the blinds aren't up in the room right now, so I had to find a new spot which was pretty annoying. 

But let's back up because that sure does sound like a lot of complaining...that 48 hour house guest was my best friend from college who was visiting from South Carolina and that now dark blue wall that made photos difficult is part of a mostly painted soon to be nursery that she so kindly spent part a good part of her trip helping me with. I was really comfortable all day without resorting to yoga pants and not doing my hair means it took me about 20 minutes to get ready, leaving plenty of time for pedicures together before she had to head out of town. Then this afternoon was one-on-one time with my husband, and as much as I love my girl time, I missed that this weekend. We went to see a movie, walked around the mall, and grabbed dinner. I even got to cash in the husband's pick any birthday dessert you want offer that we decided to postpone until today after stuffing our faces with dinner on my actual birthday Thursday night. So now excuse me while I go have some of that lemon meringue pie that's waiting for is good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Things


dress: Target: similar / similar (different color, but the fit looks perfect!) 
sweater: Old Navy: similar (crew neck) / similar
belt: Forever 21: similar / similar
shoes: Target: exactsimilar

I've seen that a few bloggers have highlighted how great this dress is and in my opinion, this dress deserves every bit of that attention! (see Franziska and Audrey's posts) This is an item that I sized up when I purchased it in hopes that it will get plenty of use this summer, then will be a forgiving piece later on and I really think it fits that need perfectly. To give it more shape, it was as easy as adding a belt and a cardigan. I feel best and most creative when I'm able to put together a color combination that is at least somewhat unexpected (ok, maybe just mostly unexpected to the non-blogger population...haha!) so the teal and the green felt like a really good pair. It's the little things than apparently can make my day! 

Monday, July 14, 2014



poncho: thrifted: similar / similar
jeans: Old Navy: exact
shoes: Target: exact / similar (and I might like these more!)
bracelet: Forever 21: similar (pretty gold version)

I wore this to work on a Friday, and I know it's been at least a little more than 2 weeks ago because I haven't worked the past two Fridays! Such a wonderful feeling that I'm sad I'll miss out on it this Friday too. :) This poncho is one that I thrifted at least a year ago and have never worn. Do you ever buy something because you think it'll be great, then never wear it? Yeah, me too. But I tried to filter out a lot of that stuff in the great closet(s) clean out that happened a couple of weeks ago. (See the result in one of the rooms here - I'm still really proud of myself!) I'm glad I finally found a use for this piece though. I try to be open minded about sizes when I'm shopping, especially at a thrift store, so this is plus size and I still bought it. I was hoping to go for a loose, flowy look when I bought it (I'm typically a size medium in tops, sometimes a large) then I maybe let the size psych me out a bit, but it's perfect for this stage of pregnancy when I need some extra room! 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


June 2014


1. teal maxi dress $7.48: exact
2. coral maternity dress $27.99: exact
3gray tee $12.98: exact
4. black maternity shorts $24.99: exact
5. brown wedges $24.99: exact
6. sandals $19.99: exact
7. maxi skirt $19.99: exact
(not pictured) orange tee $9.98

Old Navy:

9. black maternity jeans $18.97: exact
10. skinny jeans $34.94: exact

Famous Footwear:

8. coral wedges $20: exact
11. moccasins $39.99: exact

Sam's Club:

12. striped tee $14.99

June total = $277.28
$1,115.69 spent out of $900 = -$215.69...whomp whomp....

As I've been saying, I knew I would blow the yearly budget buying clothes to accommodate this big huge life change that's going on, but whoa - a little bit shocking to see it in writing that in just 6 months I've already gone $215.69 over my orginial yearly budget. Some thoughts though looking back on my purchases:

- The maternity black jeans, skinny jeans, and black shorts were a necessity. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, but there's no way I could survive summer without at least one pair. 

- I went a little shoe crazy this month! I probably didn't need the sandals but the brown wedges are a comfortable work appropriate option, the coral wedges were too good of a deal to pass up, and I have the same moccasins in gray and have loved them so my rationale was that a tan pair would get lots of use (especially in the fall when I'm likely going to really be focused on just trying to be comfortable!). 

- The coral maternity dress will likely be returned. I feel like I've picked up enough other options that will get me through the summer and I'd rather spend that money on something that transitions better into fall and will get used throughout those final months of pregnancy as well.

- Yes, this shirt is actually plus size, and no I don't care. I wanted a little bit of an oversize, comfortable look and it was on sale! :)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014



shoes: Target: exact / similar

Most seasons I'm drawn to black as my favorite neutral, and the color I reach for time and time again. But during summer, I think white can be such a better alternative to help freshen up a look! The bright blue blazer doesn't hurt either. :) It was one of my congratulations to myself for getting a new job presents on a trip out to see family in San Francisco that summer. Check out how I wore it with black like I always go to for my first day on the job here

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

April/May Non-Maternity Purchases

non-maternity April.May


- Orange dress $2.99 (#1)
- Gray tunic sweater $1.99 (#6)
- White button up $3.99 (not pictured)
- Sweatshirt dress $5.99 (not pictured but seen here)
- Brown shoes $6.99 (not pictured but seen here)


- Black/white striped dress $15 (#3): exact
- Nude flats $16 (not pictured but seen here)
- Gray maxi dress $27 (#2): similar

World Market:

- Mint scarf $4.99 (#7): exact 
- Earrings $3.74 each: first pair similar / second pair similar  


- Pointy toed (#4) & round toe (#5) - $40.49 for both thanks to the BOGO sale!: exact / exact

April/May non-maternity total = $132.91 
$838.41 spent out of $900 yearly budget = $61.59 remaining

So I'm just now catching up with my April/May non-maternity purchases, and can already tell you that as soon as I get my June purchases summary together, I am definitely over my $900 yearly budget already. Whoops. That'll needed to be adjusted, I just still can't decide what the new appropriate amount will be. 
For my non-maternity purchases during April and May, I tried to find some options that by bumping up a size would accommodate my growing belly while also being good and hopefully somewhat forgiving pieces during that time period when I’ll be back to work but still likely not feeling physically back to my normal self. It didn’t hurt if I thought it’d be something I would wear even once I did feel back to normal. I think that the striped stress, the gray maxi dress, and the orange dress all have potential to meet at least two of those three requirements.
The rest of my dollars were spent on items that were replacement items (the nude flats and heels) or just items that I know will fit regardless of what month of my pregnancy I’m in. Because we all know that a pretty scarf or some cute little earrings will always fit. :)