Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter White

shirt & scarf: Old Navy, jeans: American Eagle, boots: Target

I've been wanting to try out a cold weather look with my white jeans and decided that boots and a scarf that's so wonderful it feels like you're wearing a blanket were perfect for winterizing this look a bit. Have you worn your white jeans past Labor Day? If so, how did you transition your look into fall and winter?!

Monday, November 25, 2013


sweater & jeans: Gap, shirt: Express (from Discount Fashion Warehouse), shoes: Payless

I’ve been distracted lately, and have realized that the way I’m coping with grief is to organize my house. Hey, if you have to face a death in the family, can we agree that this is probably about the healthiest way I could do that? :) First there was a closet re-organization with tops not only grouped by color, but within the color group also organized by sleeve length. Two weeks later it miraculously still looks that way. Then this past weekend a complete overhaul of our office area happened. Everything was pulled out of the room, furniture re-arranged, and lots of stuff hit the trash or shredder (except for that small pile that just shifted to a spare bedroom…I’ll figure out what to do with that soon enough). After a few days off work, it’s back to the grind today so I thought my comfiest sweater was the best way to make today as painless as possible. A collared blouse layered underneath made it feel a little more weekday work appropriate in combination with the jeans that a United Way fundraiser provided us with the opportunity to wear - $5 to wear jeans this week is definitely worth it!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fighting Winter

sweater: Sam's Club, shirt: Old Navy, pants: Target, shoes: Kohl's

I was completely stubborn today and wore ankle pants in temperature chilly enough that I also wore my winter coat. I couldn't help it - these pants were a great clearance find and I wanted to at least get one wear out of them before the temperatures dip too low! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Look Good = Feel Good

sweater: JCPenney, shirt/shoes: Target, pants: thrifted

Short on words today, but some days a new hairstyle and an outfit you feel good in makes you feel like you can manage to make it through another work day, right?! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Words

Last week my aunt went from hospital to hospice within two days and passed away the next morning. She and I used to be really close. She had been divorced longer than I've been around and never had children, so I would spend about a week each summer through high school and college helping her around the house and just spending time together. We would spend hours on this enclosed porch she had each reading a book. Her in her chair, and me on her porch swing. 

One of those years was particularly tough for her - she lost both parents, had two major surgeries, and while I was there to help with her recovery for one of those she got the phone call with the news she had breast cancer.  But as she got older I felt as though she withdrew from the family and I let myself get so caught up in my own life post-college years that I let her do it. 

But a funny thing happened during those last few days of her life and the first few days after her marriage grew stronger...

I spent those last few days feeling anxious. I would be fine one minute, then in tears the next wishing I would've fought a little harder to still have a relationship with her. Friday night my husband couldn't deal with it and avoided the emotions by talking me into just joining the group he was with from work for drinks. I had plans to make the two hour drive Saturday morning on my own to meet my family there, and when a 7am text from my dad made me realize she wasn't going to make it through the day, my husband instantly insisted he go with me. She was already unconscious by the time we made it up there, and within an hour of us getting there she took her last breath. 

My husband let me be a mess, but since we all left the hospice facility I've been calm. Still struggling, but the anxiety is gone. My aunt was at the point that she didn't want to live, and although I didn't agree with that, at least I know she got what she wanted and she's in a better place. I know my husband is simply doing what husbands are supposed to do by just being there, being kind, hugs at just the right moment, and doing grocery shopping without me asking because he can tell I just can't bring myself to do it because the task seems so exhausting. But it's made me remember exactly why I knew right from the beginning that he was it for me and for that I'm thankful.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


dress & leggings: Target, blazer: Sam's Club, boots: Clothes Mentor

This dress felt borderline too short for work, so after putting on black tights and and some cute black booties, I decided to go with the leggings instead because they're thick and show zero skin. Not very professional, but I convinced myself that the blazer made up for that a little bit. This dress was part of an impulse buy at Target over the weekend along with the same dress in black, and a pair of printed ankle dress pants - at least they were on clearance! For $12, I couldn't pass up the fit of this dress. I've been loving anything that fits loosely lately because it's just so comfortable! That probably means it's time to start running again... :)

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Blue Blazer

Inspiration Monday photo - Freida Pinto

shirt: Two Birds (SF), blazer: Ambiance (SF), pants: New York & Co., shoes: Old Navy

Joining in on Two Birds Inspiration Monday seems so simple to just add a blazer to an outfit, but it was good for finding another way to style this shirt besides on its own as seen here. There's several sweaters currently strewn across my bedroom floor that I tried first, but the sleeves are just loose enough of a cut that they didn't quite fit as comfortably as I would like. Thankfully this blazer covered the sleeves just fine, and even added a little bit more structure to the outfit!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


shirt: Old Navy, jacket: Kohl's, jeans & shoes: Target

I'm back! I think I needed a little bit of a break and being sick was the perfect opportunity to take one. I made the trip home today to meet my friends 6 week old son and to have lunch with my family. I made the trip by myself, and taking in the gorgeous colors of fall throughout the whole two hour drive each way was pretty peaceful! This outfit was simple and comfortable - perfect for the drive. And is it sad if I purposefully wore my baggiest jeans? Anytime a meal is involved at my parents house, there's so much food involved that I knew I would want the extra room! :)