Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jacob: 3 Months

3 months

Where has the time gone?! My baby boy, officially no longer a newborn! Here's a look at what month 3 has looked like...

Nicknames: Still gets buddy, baby boy, and sweet pea a lot so I think those are here to stay. I refer to him as nugget quite a bit, but don't think I actually call him that much when talking to him. I'm trying to make more of an effort to use his name so he gets used to hearing it.

Weight/Height: No doctors appointment this month, but we tried to measure both at home and think he's almost 16 pounds 13 ounces and somewhere near 25 inches. Pretty sure we're holding strong in the 90-95th percentiles for both. He's a big boy!

Things we can't live without: Pacifiers and white noise is still way up there on our list of favorite things. We've swaddled him when it's time to sleep this month and that's made a big difference in how well he sleeps too I think. 

Things he likes: To be held, this baby Einstein sea turtle he has that plays music, a mobile my mom got him for his crib (it always sounds like he talks to it!), to sit in your lap facing out. 

Things he dislikes: The drive home from daycare...almost every day it involves some crying. I think it's just because he's usually pretty tired at that point in the day. 

Favorite characteristics: The smiles! Those have been such a more common occurrence this month and I feel like we've got to be so close to getting a laugh out of him too! He's also a snuggler, especially when he's still a little bit sleepy after the morning nursing session before he starts his day. My lateness to work a few times can be fully blamed on my refusal to end that cuddling time. :)

Milestones: Adding this category this month! Baby boy now consistently sleeps through the night, going to bed no later than 7:30pm and waking up anywhere between 5 and 7am, although thankfully the 5am wake up is pretty rare. He's also rolled himself from his back to his side a few times...can't wait to see him do this even more!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Work Pajamas


blouse: thrifted 
cardigan: Old Navy
pants: Giant Eagle
boots: Target

Pants with knees that stretch out are the most annoying thing to me when you're trying to pair them with tall boots so ponte pants are pretty much now a must have item for me. I had a maternity pair that I didn't pack up right away because I figured it may take me a little while to let my weight bounce back but I'm happy to report that although there's some serious toning I would like to get around to, I've lost enough that they don't fit anymore. Thankfully I found this pair I really like and I found them at Giant Eagle of all places! You can't tell in the picture, but I think the seam down the front of the legs makes them look more like pants than leggings which is needed since they don't have back pockets. (Is that a big deal to anyone else, or just me?) Paired with a looser fit blouse and long cardigan, it's the closest I think I'll ever get to wearing pajamas to work!

"Capsule" Update


Here I am, a week behind on the link up to talk about how the winter capsule is going and to highlight the outfits I've been wearing most. I think Anne's kind comment on this post brought up a good point and it got me thinking...thriving is far different than surviving and surviving is what I'm managing right now. And I'm thankful for that! It's far better than the alternative of failing miserably at managing this new life of mine. :) But the fact is that every night there's a very small amount of time for baby snuggling and playing and after his bedtime I still have dinner to eat (that thankfully my husband usually cooks!), bottles to wash and prep for the next day, then my own food to prep because not only is lunches out not in my current budget, I feel bad fitting them into a work schedule that already includes about an hour and a half a day away from work tasks spent in the mothers room pumping. But I'm showing myself some grace because although it seems like my baby is growing up so incredibly fast, he's only 3 months old so this really is all still pretty new to us. 

So outfits lately haven't gotten as much attention as they used to. The outfit highlighted here was put together by grabbing a few of my most comfortable favorites - the jeans, tee, and scarf - then finished with items that only happened because of their proximity to the door when it was time to hurry up and get out the door so I could get my grocery shopping done and be home by the time Jacob woke up from his nap and was hungry. And it worked! This idea to filter your wardrobe is probably best for me in this stage of life so I'm happy this link up has encouraged me to do just that. I need easy basics that don't get in the way of baby holding and can handle some drool and spit up with easy layers that can be thrown on when we head out of the house, and this outfit is the perfect example of that. 

Finally linking up with Anne and Jacqueline...