Friday, February 28, 2014

Style Swap

style swap 2.28

Today I’m partnering up with Ada again for Ginny and Jenn’s Style Swap link-up and for Heather’s Pinned It and Did It link-up (see my pin here!).  As an Ohio State Buckeye, I think I’m always drawn to a red (or should I say scarlet!) and gray look. :) I love this dress because it’s thrifted so I’m sure I paid no more than $6 for it and it’s probably a size bigger than I need so it’s so comfortable that I feel like I’m hanging out in pajamas all day. You can’t beat that! I even added the pearls like Ada did because I figured it was just the right touch to make this comfortable outfit feel a bit dressier. Thanks for the inspiration Ada!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


shirt: Buffalo Exchange, sweater: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Limited brand), shoes: Payless

Will you judge me if I’m already throwing another burgundy jeans look at you?! :) Those additional winter pounds I mentioned in Tuesdays’ post really have made the difference between most of my pants being comfortable and just tight enough that I don’t want to wear them. I was already sick of wearing my black jeggings with boots this week, so these pants were just about my only appropriate option. I was a little hesitant to wear these to work because, well, technically I think they’re jeans. But the darker tone and the fact that they’re a skinny fit without being too clingy made me just go for it. Adding a pair of heels, a collared shirt (even though it’s an animal print!), and a cardigan felt like it helped the look move further away from casual and closer to professional.

Highlighting some other ways I've layered this shirt because it's been a long time wardrobe favorite of mine...


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

For the Love of Colored Denim

tee: Target, sweater: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Limited), boots: Marshall's

I love colored denim! I feel like the pairs I have in my closet have been a little neglected, but that’s probably because the winter pounds I packed on have meant that few pairs currently fit me. :) I picked up this pair from Limited for $10 at Discount Fashion Warehouse (can you tell that’s become my new favorite store?!) over the weekend. I had a baby shower to go to for the wife of one of my husbands’ college friends. Not knowing most of the people there, I figured that most would be wearing jeans, but didn’t want to take the very small risk of being the only person in denim there. Trust me, I realize I worry about some trivial things…my husband would just roll his eyes if he knew how much thought I put into getting on Sunday! These pants ended up being the perfect compromise. The darker color stops them from seeming attention seeking, and they're still casual enough to avoid feeling out of place when most over people wore jeans, just as I expected. Only outfit fail? Wearing heels and forgetting that even in flats I tower over the momma to be. I felt like a giant!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Style Swap

style swap 2.20

Today I’m partnering with Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood for Ginny and Jenn’s style swap link-up, and for Heather’s Pinned It and Did It link-up (see my pin here!). I really liked Ada’s casual black and white printed pants + brown sweater look, and knew that I had some similar pieces to recreate her look. I kept the combination of printed pants with a neutral top, but went with a burgundy and black design paired with a tan sweater. I think that Ada’s idea to pair something neutral with printed pants is great way to keep a print from feeling overwhelming. For me, it also meant that it made me feel like this could be pulled off as a work look! It didn’t hurt that this strangely warm weather we’re experiencing the next few days was perfect for wearing ankle pants. Who else in colder climates misses showing some ankle?!

Many Days, Many Ways

shirt: Charming Charlie, sweater: Kohl's, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: JCPenney

I know I’ve already professed my love for black jeggings, but you’re going to have to listen to it once again since it was the first item in my closet I thought of when I decided to link-up for the Many Days, Many Ways link-up with Ginny, Danielle, and Nicole. You can check out my previous remixes here. This time I wanted to highlight an outfit I wore this week (side note – there was a time that I would’ve thought it was crazy to wear bright pink and animal print to work, but that didn’t even cross my mind this time!). Although these pants may not be appropriate in every work environment, mine is usually casual enough that I don’t feel inappropriate wearing them. Look below to see how I’ve recently styled them for work again, a more casual look, and for a date night with my husband!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


tunic: Target, sweater: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: JCPenney, scarf: Nordstrom Rack

I initially included this tunic in my 30x30 item selections, but after not wearing it for the majority of the challenge, I swapped it out. Then, within 3 days of finishing the challenge I was wearing it (this look is from last Monday and I'm just getting around to posting it!). I've decided that I just like pairing it with another longer layer, and I didn't have any longer layers included in the challenge that I like paired with it. Oh well! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red + Pink

pink shirt: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), shoes: Target, necklace: Charming Charlie

I celebrate Valentine’s Day in a low-key fashion, both by how my husband and I choose to celebrate the holiday and how I dress for the holiday. :) This pink button up was included in my 30x30 and finally made it out of the laundry and back into my closet! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about it in my recap post from Tuesday). By layering a neutral sweater over the pink shirt then adding the red necklace, I think I was able to be just subtle enough while still festive enough to allow me to join in on the link-up hosted by Andi, Inge, Brynn, Kate, Danielle, and Laura.

Apparently I like this sweater paired with some leopard print!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

30x30 - The Recap

30x30 1
30x30 2
30x30 3
30x30 4

Here we go, let's summarize that 30x30 challenge! 30 different outfits using 30 different pieces selected from my closet. See the original 30 items selected here, then if you're interested you can check out the details of the items swapped towards the end of the challenge. 
Favorite look: #15
Least Favorite look: #3
Hardest thing about the challenge: The weather! We’re probably all sick of talking about the weather, but multiple days of wind chills in the -20 range combined with many more days of temperatures in the teens left me with no interest in wearing anything put pants, while my original selections for the challenge included two skirts and 4 dresses. At this point I’m desperate for weather mild enough to allow dresses, skirts, and ankle pants! Also, I’m agreeing with Andi and saying that laundry was an issue. I like that pink button up from look #4, but once it hit the laundry basket after that night it never made it back out.
Easiest thing about the challenge: It’s pretty easy to decide what to wear when you have limited options. This morning I spent so much time going through multiple outfit changes that I didn’t even realize how much time I had wasted. When I finally looked at the clock it was almost the time I’m supposed to be at work for the day and I was still standing there without an outfit picked, no make-up, and hair in the crazy ponytail it had been put in just to get it out of my way. Big huge fail.
Advice to myself for next time: Focus on including tops that can each be appropriate for work or for the weekend. My weekends tend to be pretty low key and casual and the first time I completed this challenge I finished feeling like I wished I had more options available for those times. I think I over-corrected this time and really didn’t need both sweatshirts, the casual brown sweater, and the denim shirt to all be included in my selections.
Overall it was a fun experience! I'll likely do it again in the future, but opt to do it in a different season this time to switch it up a bit. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

30x30 - Days 29 and 30

shirt: Express, scarf: Target, sweater: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: Clothes Mentor
shirt: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, scarf: gift, pants: Target, boots: JCPenney

And I'm done with the 30x30 challenge!! Although getting ready each morning is so much simpler when you have a limited number of items to choose from, I'm excited to go back to having the freedom to wear anything I want from my closet. One item you should expect to keep seeing though are those black jeggings...honestly those are the best $12 I have ever spent. I even found a second pair last weekend, so I apologize in advance if you see black jeggings + boots even more often than you already do on here. Until spring anyway! Then it will probably be jeggings + flats all the time. :) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

30x30 - Days 27 and 28

shirt/pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Limited brand), vest: Clothes Mentor, shoes: Target 
tee: Target, blazer: Kohls, necklace: Charming Charlie, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: JCPenney

Almost to the finish line of the 30x30! These outfits are from Monday and Tuesday though. No outfit today because we got hit with weather that resulted in first a delay, then a closure so I got a snow day. Those are so much more fun as an adult! The most ambitious thing I did all morning was help my husband shovel the driveway. There was some reading, some tv watching, and way too much time spent on Facebook and Pinterest. I even started a Pinterest project, but didn't finish it. Typical. At least I did make it to the gym for a run, then came back and promptly changed back into pajamas after a shower with no plans to wear anything different until work tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Budget


Pictured above:
Black skirt – $5.98 from Target
Gray jeggings - $8.98 from Target
Black dress - $8.98 from Target
Flannel - $6.88 from Target
Beige tee - $12 from Target
Brown(ish) ankle boots - $10.48 from Target
Brown tall boots - $11.98 from Target
Colorblock cardigan - $13.98 from Target

Not pictured:
Black and white open cardigan - $14.99 from Kohl's
Skinny jeans - $27 from Kohls (seen here)
Vest - $3.99 thrifted from Volunteer of America
Gold necklace - $5.08 from Target (seen here)

Total = $130.32, but $50.32 out of pocket after gift cards and Kohls cash 

I really liked the idea of creating a clothing budget for the year like I’ve seen over on Jessica and Inge’s blogs for example, rather than focusing on a specific amount each month. And let’s be realistic – my monthly “budget” post turned into more of a monthly summary of what I spent. I always had $75 as the ideal dollar amount each month, but pretty consistently I surpassed that amount. So I’m switching over to a yearly goal of $900, which still could mean $75 each month, but I’m hoping that keeping that grand total in mind keeps me on track with my spending. We’ll see how I do!  The dollar amount saved from gift cards and coupons won't be included in the total each month. Also, I will give myself another exception this year because I did receive some money from a family member, from what was left behind when my aunt passed away this past November and I plan to put some thought into what that gets spent on. I want to be responsible with those funds, but also want to do something with a small part of if that will remind me of her in my own way every day. For me, I am incredibly sentimental with jewelry, and if I make that purchase I won’t be including that purchase in my budget.
Linking up for Budgeting Bloggers...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

30x30 - Days 20-26

shirt/sweater/scarf: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: Clothes Mentor
dress: Old Navy, necklace and boots: Target
shirt: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), sweater/shoes: Old Navy, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Limited brand)
scarf/tee: Target, vest: Clothes Mentor, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), Minnetonka moccasins: gift
shirt/boots: Target, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), bracelet: lady on the beach in Jamaica :)
tee/pants/boots: Target, jacket: Maurices (hand me down from a friend) - after many outfit changes, I decided to wear leopard print flats with this look instead. Sorry - I was in no mood to take another picture by the time that was done! :)
scarf/tee: Old Navy, jeans: Kohl's, shoes: Walmart

Whoops...I was really behind on my 30x30 looks! At this point I'm truthfully just ready to be done, although I still think this challenge is a good idea and fun to do every once in awhile. The cold weather makes me want to keep the same look on rotation - pants, boots, tee, then either a sweater or blazer! Even though it's late in the challenge, I decided to swap out some pieces. I realized that there are 6 pieces I hadn't worn yet. No wonder I feel like I've been wearing the same thing over and over! Below are the swap details...