Monday, May 14, 2012


(outfit from Friday) shirt: thrifted, pants: Old Navy, shoes: Kmart

M.I.A...that's how I've felt for the past week. I took a sick day last Monday that I'm declaring a mental health day. It worked and I went back much more focused, which is good because I'm now in the middle of a big project at work that's stressful and taking up most of my time.

The week brought a break from work, but involved a lot of traveling time to see both my family and my husbands' family to celebrate the wonderful women who raised each of us. Worth it, but exhausting! Below are some pictures to sum up the weekend...I swear if anything convinces me to have children, its going to be this adorable, fun little girl I get to be Aunt Jess to!

Goofing off while waiting for her pedicure to dry! :)

A true girly girl.  Likes manis/pedis, shopping, and at only 3 1/2 can walk in heels better than Aunt Jess!

(Please ignore my kind of disgusting hair) Me with my wonderful momma, brother, and brother's girlfriend
We celebrated my beautiful mother-in-law's 60th birthday...can you believe she's 60?!

Big day in our household...its our one year wedding anniversary! We're celebrating with Chinese take out, chocolate martinis/scotch, and some wedding cake. I think I'll separate myself from my phone and computer for the rest of the evening and give my husband some well deserved attention. I can't wait to catch up with you all soon!

Excited to stick with tradition and eat some more of that cake tonight! :)


  1. Happy anniversary, Jess! Chinese food and wedding cake sounds like a great way to celebrate :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Happy anniversary! And your niece is super adorable!! And you were in Charming Charlie - LOVE that store! I'm taking a "mental health day" this coming Friday - though I scheduled it, it would be nice to just call in sick too!