Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hard Work


shirt: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Victoria's Secret brand)
sweater: Target
pants: Kohl's
shoes: Target

Jacob and I had our first outing just the two of us on Sunday for one of my good friends' baby shower. I was really happy to have a reason to put on some real clothes and get out of the house for some girl time but let me just be real for a few minutes...

My hair is in a ponytail because 10 seconds into curling it Jacob started shrieking. Like to the point that my husband put him in the car and just kept driving around the block until I was ready to go to calm him down. I'm just happy I had the foresight to wash my hair on Saturday so that at a minimum I knew I'd be able to show up to the baby shower with clean hair.

I really love a good layered look, especially with colors being combined that complement each other like these. However, the sweater didn't last 5 minutes past walking into the baby shower because carrying a diaper bag, car seat with baby in it, and a gift is the closest think I've had to a workout in months and I didn't want to end up a sweaty mess. Baby holding can make you feel like you've got a little personal heater attached to you, so there's that too. 

Add to that the anxiety of being a new mom and worrying about whether or not your baby will be an angel baby during the baby shower or if he'll be an inconsolable crying mess and I won't know what to do with him. In case you were curious, he was perfect until most people had left and it was just a few of us close friends left. By the time I got him in the car seat and semi calmed down I was hot and frazzled enough that I didn't even try to put the sweater back on. So here you go - this complete outfit was worn for all of 20 minutes. I tried. It was exhausting. 



  1. Thanks Beth! I think it's good for me to get practice now while I'm on maternity leave so that when I go back to work it's not so overwhelming of an adjustment. I'm thinking lots of shopping trips maybe although i'll need to focus on getting Christmas shopping done rather than shopping for myself! Haha

  2. Oh, dear. It does get easier. And layering is very smart, because getting worked up about a baby getting worked up always makes me way too hot too. The full outfit is really cute though - I love the color combination on top.

  3. I agree with the following moms below me, it does get easier. I remember the first baby shower I attended with Vivian and worried about the same things, though she was about 8 months old then. She was mostly good though.

    You do look great. I love the pairing of mustard with emerald. That cardigan is so cute.

  4. Well, I am just so impressed by the fact that you took him to the shower! I am going to a dinner next week with girl friends (at someone's house - not a restaurant!) and bringing my little one. I am so nervous hah!