Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back to Work


blouse: Buffalo Exchange
sweater: Target
skirt: Walmart
tights: Walgreens
boots: Target

It's pretty bad that I'm now in my third week back to work and just now posting about it! But just about the only thing I was looking forward to about going back to work was having a reason to really put an outfit together again and for my first day back to work I embraced the whole look good, feel good concept. For me, this included an old favorite (my favorite blouse I bought a few years ago), comfort (hello elastic waistband and flat boots), and something a little unexpected (stripes with leopard print). Now my outfit didn't make or break my day by any means, but it made a slight difference. Either way, we're all surviving my return to work! It's been exhausting and required a level of organization I'm worried I'll be unable to maintain, but we're adjusting.

1 comment:

  1. Cute! It is kind of fun to have a purpose for getting dressed isn't it? And such a smart approach - to go with an outfit you know you'll feel great in - when you're adjusting to a transition like this. I love the leopard/stripe combo.

    Glad to hear you're surviving, but hope you all settle in and are eventually thriving in the new schedule too :)