Monday, February 11, 2013

This Old Thing: A Link Up

sweater: Target, tee: Old Navy, skirt: The Limited, tights: Walmart, boots: JC Penney, necklace: Charming Charlie

I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun for the Oh, This Old Thing? link up over at Kimmie’s blog. I was looking around in my closet and realized that I've done a decent job getting rid of all things ancient in all but one area...jeans! Honestly, I need to to accept that those jeans from my junior year of college will just never fit the same way again. Since an old pair of jeans weren't an option today (because of work, and the way they now fit), I decided to go with this sweater. It's several years old, dating back to the days of simply pairing a cardigan with black dress pants for work each day. I think my style has come a long way since then, but I still like this sweater! :)


  1. That sweater is a gorgeous color and looks beautiful with this outfit! I think the black tights & boots make it stand out even more. :)

  2. That sweater is such a pretty color and it looks sooo comfy! Great look.

  3. I love the sweater too.

    I have lots of jeans too that I've refused to get rid of too. I can get rid of anything but jeans it seems!

  4. I like the sweater as well - I'd never have guessed you've had it for awhile!

    My problem is hoodies - I have soooo many old hoodies, but they're just for lounging anyway so I figure it's not that big of a deal!

  5. I love the sweater and especially the shape. I have an older blue boyfriend sweater that I can't get rid of no matter how much it pills. I've loved looking through your blog and I am now following you. Glad you linked up!

  6. Such a pretty color! and I recently bought two cocoon cardigans from Target that look really similar, so it looks like they have been a long standing item at the store. I totally love how soft mine are, and glad that they are able to hold up well, judging from yours!

    I totally used to go the dress pants/cardigan route - it was just so easy! but also really boring. I'm glad that our styles have evolved :)

  7. This outfit looks amazing on you Jess! I think this color combination really suits you. Love the sweater!


  8. i love those cocoon cardigans! this color looks really pretty on you!