Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Look Over Here!

Hey everyone - I'm taking the day off from work and posting to celebrate my husbands' birthday! We have tickets to a baseball game for this afternoon that we got through the company he works for. I'm sure we'll spend some time with some of his co-workers, so  I'll be stressing out about what on earth to wear to a baseball game in hot and humid Ohio in July while still managing to look somewhat appropriate. Not that I tend to overexpose, but let's be real - I want to wear shorts and a tank top today and I just feel like I'll feel way out of place next to a bunch of people coming to the game right from the office! So while I'm busy over-analyzing that, how about you go check me out over at Ada's blog since she was kind enough to feature me in her Meet and Greet series. While you're there, spend some time getting to know Ada and her beautiful daughter Vivian too! 

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  1. Hey. I just read this. Just catching up on your blog since after your Guest Post, I flew to USA the next day. Thanks for the shoot-out. Thank you more for participating. =)

    Hope you had a great Birthday Celebration for husband.