Monday, November 25, 2013


sweater & jeans: Gap, shirt: Express (from Discount Fashion Warehouse), shoes: Payless

I’ve been distracted lately, and have realized that the way I’m coping with grief is to organize my house. Hey, if you have to face a death in the family, can we agree that this is probably about the healthiest way I could do that? :) First there was a closet re-organization with tops not only grouped by color, but within the color group also organized by sleeve length. Two weeks later it miraculously still looks that way. Then this past weekend a complete overhaul of our office area happened. Everything was pulled out of the room, furniture re-arranged, and lots of stuff hit the trash or shredder (except for that small pile that just shifted to a spare bedroom…I’ll figure out what to do with that soon enough). After a few days off work, it’s back to the grind today so I thought my comfiest sweater was the best way to make today as painless as possible. A collared blouse layered underneath made it feel a little more weekday work appropriate in combination with the jeans that a United Way fundraiser provided us with the opportunity to wear - $5 to wear jeans this week is definitely worth it!


  1. That sweater is really pretty! I love the idea of tossing a collared shirt under it. If you want to come help me clean, you are more than welcome to :)

  2. I would say that cleaning is a good distraction! Especially when it involves organizing! We've been doing quite a bit of that as it gets closer to baby time!

    I love your sweater, especially the little bit of sparkle in it!

  3. I love the little shimmer is your sweater!