Thursday, June 14, 2012


tee/jeans/shoes: Target, belt: Old Navy, scarf: Giant Eagle Market District

I don’t think it’s a good sign when within 10 minutes of time, one person tells you that you look really tired, and another asks if you’re ok. I am so incredibly ready for the weekend! I remember back in college and the few years after we graduated when we treated Thursday night like a weekend night. We’d go out, have a good time, stay out late. Tonight I plan to go enjoy some drinks with my husband, but still be in bed for the 10pm bedtime my adult self has set. :)

In other news – I’m on a shopping ban! I’ve contemplated it for awhile, but when Kirsten declared herself on one, I decided to hop on board with the challenge. I’ve made it two weeks now without shopping for myself! I’ve been a little afraid to mention it on here for fear of jinxing myself, because I’ve been doing really well! I think the marathon training has kept me busy enough most nights after work, that I haven’t been able to go shopping anyway! It has been forcing me to analyze what I really truly want to add to my wardrobe though. I’ll share what ends up on my shopping list when the ban ends on June 28th!


  1. Good luck with your shopping ban! I haven't done a shopping ban in a while, you're inspiring me to consider doing one myself!

  2. Yay shopping bans, lol. They are necessary sometimes! Good luck!

    Love the laid back chic look of this, the scarf really dresses it up nicely! Oh those college days, I miss them sometimes.

  3. Good for you for doing the shopping ban! I've done very little shopping since April, mostly just thrifting (which I don't count since I usually spend $10 on that).

    I used to go out every Thurs night too in college. Now I'm in bed by 10, haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I've been having one of those weeks too! Good luck on the shopping ban, that takes serious will power!

    Dream in Fashion

  5. Good luck on your shopping ban too! So crazy that a bunch of people ended up doing this at the same time, it must be the time of year or something! Keep us updated on how yours goes!