Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go Shorty...

dress: Walmart, shoes: Kohl's, bracelets: from Jenn (seriously Jenn - I can't stop wearing those bracelets!!)

necklace: birthday present from a friend/co-worker 

...It's your birthday...well, it's my birthday anyway. And I did have a co-worker rap that 50 cent song to me this morning. It was pretty entertaining and a reminder of why I really enjoy the people I work with! :)

So I'm officially 28, but still deciding how I feel about that. I had a great lunch with co-workers, then my husband and I got dressed up, went to run errands to get ready for our family vacation to South Carolina that we leave for on Saturday, then went to a really nice dinner. I remember when the short, cute birthday dress was saved for going out on Saturday night. One of my best friends is exactly a week younger than me (fun fact - she's also a triplet!), so in the years right after college we used to pick the Saturday between our birthdays to go out downtown and celebrate! Now the dress is perfect for Giant Eagle, Sam's Club, and dinner on Tuesday night because I plan to spend my Saturday in sweatpants. Totally acceptable in my book.

Anyone else use their birthday as an excuse to get a new dress?!


  1. Whoa! That dress cannot be from Wal-Mart! You look awesome in it!

    Understated Classics

    1. Thanks Clare! I've gotten really lucky and found some cute and obviously affordable pieces from Walmart. I'm also a pretty big fan of their jewelry! I just wish it wasn't such a frustrating store to go to...the lines are always so long at the one by my house!

  2. That dress is SO pretty! Walmart, really?! I'm going to have to check this out. That color is just perfect for you! And yes, I use my birthday as an excuse EVERY year to get a dress...or two :)

    PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad to have met you through the blogging world :) I'd consider you a blogging BFF

    PPS- I'm seriously so happy you love the bracelets. So happy!

    1. Crazy, right?! The brand is the one that Beyonce's mom designed! haha.

      Thank you for the happy birthday wishes!! I'm so glad we were linked up for the bauble swap...I definitely consider you a blogging BFF too!!

      And I swear, LOVE LOVE LOVE those bracelets and just can't get enough of wearing a bunch of them together!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love wearing a pretty little dress on my birthday, too! Pretty necklace!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think it is perfectly acceptable to use your birthday as an excuse to do whatever you want! New dress, giant piece of cake, whatever!

  5. Happy birthday! Love the cute dress you're wearing for it too :)
    The blue dress is gorgeous ♥

    Trendy Teal

  6. perfect dress colour!!!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Jess! That cobalt color is stunning on you. A birthday is a great excuse for a new dress :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  8. Happy Birthday!! This dress is so pretty, can't believe it's from Wal-Mart. This color is so good on you. Thank you for joining the 'Real Girl Style' link up!

  9. Happy birthday lady!! Love the dress, it's the perfect color of blue and it looks fantastic on you! Who'd have guessed Walmart? And yes, a birthday is a good excuse for a new dress! And don't feel sad about 28! I will be 31 this next birthday and I'm still wrapping my head around 30!

  10. happy birthday girl! and you look lovely in that dress - its such a pretty shade of blue! xo

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look so pretty in this dress. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! You look gorgeous in that dress, fabulous color on you - I can't believe that's really from Walmart! And I agree, it's totally acceptable to use your bday as an excuse to buy a new drses, wear it for errands/daytime, and then change into sweatpants at night - it's your birthday, if you can't do that then, when can you??? :)

  13. Happy Budday Jess! dress looks fab.
    btw, you have just been presented with the *drum roll* Sunshine Blogger Award!!
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  14. I personally use everyday as an excuse to get a new dress. I love this one too-I never would've guessed that it was from Wal-mart!

  15. Pretty dress! I love that shade of blue. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!