Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Embarrassing

shirt: Old Navy, shorts/shoes: Target, necklace: Charming Charlie

It's so hot in the building I work in that I decided to bust out these shorts that I haven't worn in years. I'm glad I never got rid of them! As much as I liked this outfit and it kept me as cool as possible, I have to share an embarrassing story. I wore this outfit all day on Monday and it's comfortable enough that I even hung out in it at home with my family all evening, swapping out the wedges for flip flops to take a walk with everyone to get ice cream. When I changed for bed, I realized that they had a huge hole!

Yep, a hole right along the seam...

I'm really hoping they ripped that evening and that I didn't walk around all day at work like that! I plan on wearing this again, but promise to fix them first! :)


  1. Yikes! I hate when that happens! Husband just convinced me to throw away a shirt that had two little holes in it. Sad when clothes die!

  2. Oh man, I have been there! Just last week at church my wonderful mother discovered I had a hole in the behind of my favorite khaki capris. It totally stinks, but it does happen!

    I LOVE your shirt!!

  3. Ugh, I hate it when that happens! Totally can't tell in the pictures though! Have a a happy holiday!

  4. love that blouse, i am stalking the blue version on ebay since i missed out on it in stores. and sorry about your pants dilemma, i really can't see a hole in the picture so hopefully no one else noticed in person as well!