Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I may be a day late to the 5 for Five party, but yesterday I was home from work recovering from the race and I didn't even have the energy to open my computer, let alone write a post. Better late than never though, right? :) Before I get into this weeks goals, lets recap the ones from last week.

I finished! Whoop Whoop! :)
1. Don't skip a workout in my training plan. I skipped one run and cut another one short by .75 miles, but you know what? I finished the race on Sunday! That 26.2 hurt so much and I'm still walking funny today, but I don't think that extra 2.75 total miles I skipped last week would've made the race any easier, so I'm letting this one go. :)

2. Stick to my weekly budget. I went a couple of dollars over in two categories, but looking at overall dollars spent I was under budget so I think I could consider this successful.

3. Spend no more than 1 1/2 hours on my computer or phone each night. I need to pay closer attention to this one. I paid more attention to my husband this week, but doubt I stayed off my phone enough to stay under 1 1/2 hours each night. I'm saying it was a fail.

4. Do household chores for at least 20 minutes 3 times this week. Does throwing all my extra stuff into the unused spare bedroom count? ...didn't think so. :)

5. Blog 4 times this week. Looking back I can see that I didn't do that either!

Now for this weeks' goals!

1. Be a responsible home owner and do some dang landscaping. I'm the worst honestly and even after mowing the lawn yesterday, I still need to do some more work!

2. Do my hair the rest of the work week. Isn't it pathetic that I have to make that a goal? I'm quick to use the "but i just ran a marathon" excuse, but I think the past two days of messy ponytails just about covers that.

3. Maintain my weekly budget - I'm sure you'll see this one every week. Sorry to bore you, but it's the only way to hold myself accountable!

4. Find and try at least one new recipe. I'm getting bored with what we usually eat and need to bring in some new options.

5. Drink at least 60 ounces of water at work each day. I was good about this through the last 5 months of marathon training and need to keep it going.



  1. First of all, a big CONGRATULATIONS on the marathon!! I hope it was a great experience (despite the pain - I know the feeling, haha). Really liking your weekly goals posts lately - so great that they're realistic and that you're not beating yourself up if you don't do them all at 100% :)

    1. Thank you Laura! I know you've been there, so you know what the experience is like - it's kind of crazy! Glad you're enjoying the goals - they're really helping me better myself I think!

  2. You go, Jess! SO excited for your accomplishment! You have some great goals for this week too- I really need to add water to my list some week...and doing my hair (it's in a messy bun pretty much on top of my head- yes, I'm in the office right now...) more than just once a week ;)

    Thanks for linking up again!

  3. I love your goals! I am super impressed about your marathon - way to go! That is so very exciting! Nothing wrong with reminding yourself to stick to your weekly budget, I need to remember to do that too!

  4. Congratulations on the marathon! That is awesome. I ran a half and don't think I could ever handle a full - amazing job! And I agree that those 2.75 miles you missed definitely didn't matter in the end. Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks Jessica and I bet you could handle it! :) I would've never thought I'd be able to handle a full, but it's crazy what you can convince yourself you're capable of.

  5. i have so many posts backed up in my reader but i had to congratulate you on your marathon even though this post is from a couple weeks ago! i think i have a TINY idea of what courage and stamina it takes since i watched my sister train all summer for her marathon! you are awesome! :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! I hope your sister experienced the same sense of personal accomplishment I felt! It was a pretty nice feeling to have 5 months of training pay off! :)