Thursday, October 25, 2012

Talk of the Office

necklace: my grandmother's, shirt: Target, vest: some boutique in Healdsburg, CA, pants: Old Navy, booties: Payless

Our advising staff is divided into teams by majors we advise, and in a training today, a co-worker told me that her team was talking about me. Good things of course, I'm sure she wouldn't have told me if it was negative! :) She paid me such a compliment though - she said that they were discussing that I put outfits together with pieces they never would've thought of, and I pull the outfits off so well. She said that they thought maybe it could be contributed to my height, or maybe my glasses, but said she thinks the key to pulling it off is my "sparkle". I thought that was the sweetest thing to say to me! It reminded me of something my manager at my previous job told me: Surround yourself with those who inspire you to be better. That got me thinking...

I did just that in the blogging community. I've surrounded myself with others, like you all reading this, whose personal style has inspired me to try new looks I never ever would've consider before "meeting" you, to be confident, and to develop my own sense of style that works for me and my lifestyle. It worked! I'm a better person in that respect than I was last year before I had this blog - because of you all. I'd like to send a huge, heartfelt thank you out for that!

After seeing that concept in effect, I'm that much more excited about my new job. (Am I still allowed to call it new after 2 months?!) I work with an incredibly intelligent group of advisors   who have a lot of wisdom and experience to learn from and I'm looking forward to learning more and applying those things to my own advising. In addition, there's so many opportunities for personal and professional growth! I've felt so challenged already in this position, but in a good way - in a way that causes me to think a lot more critically about the work that I do and the environment of higher education.

Whew! That felt like some deep thinking for this little blog of mine. As much as I talk about enjoying my job, I'm so thankful tomorrow is Friday! Who's with me?!


  1. LOL, yes some deep thinking for sure! What a wonderful compliment though! And I agree that other bloggers have helped inspire me and helped me develop my style as well. It's an amazing community of people out there!

    Can I just say your vest is amazing? It's beautiful!!

  2. You look so cute, love your vest!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee