Monday, November 5, 2012


the inspiration photo

tee: thrifted, sweater: Old Navy, leggings and boots: Target, scarf: gift

I'm combining 5 for Five and Inspiration Monday today because I love them both. :) My version of LC's outfit was perfect for heading to our favorite bar last week to celebrate the release of my husbands' favorite beer, Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I'm not going to lie, I would normally wear yoga pants, a cute hoodie, and running shoes to that type of evening out. This outfit was much cuter, and still left plenty of breathing room for my beer and pizza!

Now for the goals. I was bad and didn't participate last week, so I'll evaluate my goals from the week before, then add mine for this week!

1. Be a responsible home owner and do some dang landscaping. Oops. This didn't happen, but last week I did manage to frantically pull a few weeds out of the bushes for fear of judgement of the parents of our trick-or-treaters! :)

2. Do my hair the rest of the work week. That was a success the week that I set that goal! 

3. Maintain my weekly budget. I had to transfer some amounts between categories, but I did it! (for example, when I didn't use all my money marked for "fun", I switched it over to "shopping" to make up for my overspending in that category) I've decided I'm happy as long as I don't spend over my overall dollar amount budgeted.

4. Find and try at least one new recipe. Nope. Didn't happen. :(

5. Drink at least 60 ounces of water at work each day. I did  a really bad job of keeping track of this one, but still think I managed to come close. I at least still kept my soda limited!

And now for this week's goals...
1. Create a new work out plan. That whole running a marathon thing only excuses inactivity for so long, and I'm about at that mark! Work is crazy this week, so I won't be too hard on myself, something needs to happen this weekend.

2. Organize my closet, which will first require that I actually put clothes away. 

3. Get out of the office during lunch at least 3 times this week. I still want to pack my lunch, but I think walking away from my desk for my lunch hour is incredibly refreshing. 

4. Take my turn making dinner at least 3 times this week. I'm kind of cheating because I already made dinner tonight before writing this post, but I'm still going with it!

5. This one will never go away...stick to my weekly budget. This one will take some effort because yesterday was the first day of this week's budget, and I spent it taking my husband's cousin shopping. 

And that's it! For inspiration of all kinds, check out the hosts of these lovely link-ups...



  1. Hi! I'm visiting from 5 for Five link-up! I really like all of your goals! And that outfit is SO CUTE!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I think you pulled off that inspiration outfit pretty darn well. Yours is SUPER cute...I think I like it more than the original!

    So glad you're linking up with us this week! you've got some fantastic goals set for yourself- I LOVE the idea of getting out of the office during the workday. It's one that frequently appears on my list of goals because it's just SO hard for me to pull away- but- I always feel better when I do spend some time away.

    Also, good luck on your budgeting! I stuck that in there with mine this week- I've gotta get better about it!!!

    Have a great week, Jess!

  3. I love your take on the outfit!! The sweater is great and I really love that scarf!! Perfect for a night out with beer and pizza!

    Ugh, we haven't done much with our yard this year at all. I keep saying "Next spring we'll do this" and we never do. One of these years we have to do make it a priority though.

  4. Love that inspiration photo and your version - sooooo cozy and chic! I'm trying to make being better with my budget a big goal for this month too.

  5. I love your style! Im one of your newest followers, found you on this weeks blog hop. You can follow me back at

  6. <3 leggings and baggy sweaters! Great comfy look to copy! Love LC hahah

  7. pretty smart combining the two hops into one. You rock the look inspiration, let me tell ya. come over and visit and stay a while. I am getting closer to doing more fashionish stuff on my site.

  8. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE your outfit - I think your version was even cuter than LC's!