Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Late Again

shirt: thrifted, jeans: Shoppers World, shoes: Target
I just had to include the outfit I wore to the OSU basketball game mentioned in this post.  Showing my school spirit without wearing my favorite hoodie!

I'm late to Jenn's link up party again, oops! I felt awful over the weekend, then I spent last night trying to learn how to order half a hog. Yes, that's right, a hog. My brother raised them, now my parents and I are splitting one. Something tells me this will be a strange adventure!

1. Create a new work out plan. That whole running a marathon thing only excuses inactivity for so long, and I'm about at that mark! Work is crazy this week, so I won't be too hard on myself, something needs to happen this weekend. Yeah, and then Thursday night's dinner was queso dip and a chicken caesar salad, which made me so sick that I didn't even feel hungry until Monday morning...ugh. 

2. Organize my closet, which will first require that I actually put clothes away. I actually did this! First I finally switched out my spring/summer shoes for fall/winter shoes. Since that made me able to actually step into my closet, organizing it was that much easier. :)

3. Get out of the office during lunch at least 3 times this week. I still want to pack my lunch, but I think walking away from my desk for my lunch hour is incredibly refreshing. You guys, I don't think I even took a lunch break last week. I ate lunch, but it was at my desk and probably in about 15 minutes while working on something work related. Totally unacceptable.

4. Take my turn making dinner at least 3 times this week. I'm kind of cheating because I already made dinner tonight before writing this post, but I'm still going with it! I think I managed this one, even if I had to rely on the crockpot!

5. This one will never go away...stick to my weekly budget. This one will take some effort because yesterday was the first day of this week's budget, and I spent it taking my husband's cousin shopping.  I still did it - woohoo! :)

Clearly I need to step up my game and take these a little more seriously! Here's what I plan to tackle this week:

1. Pay it forward. My husband and I wanted to go to the Ohio State basketball game on Sunday, so we decided to head down to campus and see how good of a deal we could get on some tickets. After talking to a few people and deciding not to buy what they had (my husband is a serious negotiator with ticket scalpers!), we were talking about just going in to buy from the ticket office, when we saw a guy walking towards the entrance with a teenager, holding up 2 tickets. We caught his attention, and when we asked how much he wanted for them, he handed them to us, said they're free, only cost is that you have to sit next to my nephew and I. We were a little dumbfounded and he took off into the arena before we got much more than a "are you sure?" in. Once we were in the game, I thanked him again, he told us that he has tickets with his family, and that he had the extra tickets because his cousin passed away. He didn't want money for them, just wanted someone to be able to use the tickets. So I decided I'm going to pay it forward. I'm not sure how yet, but I'm going to do it for someone not because I think they need it, but because it's a nice thing to do.

2. Apparently just taking a lunch break 3 times a week needs to be on the list. Even if stepping away from my desk doesn't happen, I need to log out of my email and clear my mind while I eat!

3. No more than an hour and a half on my computer each night after work. I'm back to this one so I make sure I'm spending quality time with my husband, not just time.

4. Create a workout plan. No more excuses.

5. Stick to the budget. Blah. This may get a little easier to stay motivated for since I just got an invite to my best friends' wedding in Jamaica next year!!


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  1. A wedding in Jamaica?? That sounds incredible! I bet it will be a good motivator for keeping on budget!! The hubby and I are planning a warm weather trip too, so I think it'll work for me too!

    I could totally copy this outfit, I have red pants and a denim shirt too - I love the combo!!