Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lesson Learned

shirt: Ambiance (in SF), vest: thrifted, pants: New York & Co., shoes: Target

Inspiration: Jessica Timberlake

I got all excited when I saw the picture for this week's Inspiration Monday because I thrifted a jacket a little while ago that's really similar to the one in the picture. I tried it on Sunday night, and it's a little snug. My size didn't change, it fit that way when I bought it, but I thought it would work. Do you ever find yourself in that trap when you're at the thrift store, being so excited about such a great deal that you're willing to overlook things like fit and how well it truly fits into your wardrobe? I do, but I'm getting better at telling myself no. It's a good lesson to learn! 



  1. I have definitely been that way - especially when I go to the thrift store on 50% off days and it's crowded and I don't want to take the time to try stuff on. I've gotten better too though!

    I still like what you did for the inspiration - I think the vest works well and I love your shirt!

  2. Hey you, looking beautiful in Orange - one of my most-worn, cutest colors of this year. Love that blouse.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ohhh and you are welcome Jess. You made my Last Week's Best Looks, too, did you check it out? =)

    And be kind to follow me back - I certainly appreciate it.

    Ada. =)

  3. Jess! hi! i know, i have done that and then thought, doh! what was i thinking. now i am much more practical, at my 2nd year of doing it. did you see my leopard print post last week? i passed up that cute jacket cuz it wasn't my size and megan or nora told me i should have bought it anyway. hahahaha. no, not if it can't begin to fit me?

  4. i think the vest is really cute and i love the flowy, feminine feel of your shirt

  5. Great job on the inspiration look! You nailed this one :)

  6. I've so been there. Great lesson!

  7. I have definitely seem to overlook fit when I'm in a thrift store. Usually, when I go shopping if it doesn't fit perfectly I won't wear it, but for some reason (probably the price) I figure that it's ok to buy things that don't totally fit me. Just this weekend I bought a pair of jeans that were a little snug. I haven't worn them out yet so I'm not sure if they'll be ok or not but I just couldn't resist the $3 price tag. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!

    -Mary @