Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Reward

shirt: Old Navy, skirt and tights: Walmart, shoes: Payless, scarf: thrifted

There’s plenty of things I could/should be working on right now, but instead I want to talk about my outfit. This skirt was my reward last night. My reward for suffering through the usually miserable experience of braving the Walmart near our house. Lots of people, long lines, I just can’t stand it really. I was looking for something specific, which I didn’t find, but as usual I found plenty of other things to bring home with me. I’m determined to be crafty this year for Christmas and picked up supplies for an idea I have, then when I sped through the clothing section, I found this fun skirt for only $14.44. I totally earned it, right?


  1. Well done with the skirt....and yes, you earned it! I don't like going to Walmart during Christmas. It's a mad house! Love the color of your skirt...very pretty :)

  2. Yes! I say it's a reward well deserved. I only go to Walmart for craft things too, it's closer than Michaels, but at least mine has self check-outs!

  3. Jess! wonder skirt there! enjoy it, you deserve it!

  4. Hi Jess how are you? I am Ada - nice meeting you through here. I just found your blog today and have been reading along from the very beginning. I am still not completely updated but I figured I should let you know you got a fan in me and a new follower.

    Your style is chic, elegant & a little preppy. I love it. That is a beautiful Cobalt Skirt and a Great Reward. I need a Cobalt Skirt in my closet ASAP. I am loving how you mixed different blues here.

    Please stop by my blog and I would appreciate it if you followed as well. I am lucky number 55, by the way. =)

    Have a Great Weekend, Ada. =)