Thursday, March 28, 2013

Like Pajamas

sweater: Old Navy, dress: thrifted, tights: Kohl's, boots: Clothes Mentor 

I really wanted to roll out of bed and go to work in my pajamas today, but I think this dress, along with my sweater that looks like a robe is as close as I can get! Linking up again with Fran and Whitney to show the different ways we've styled dresses this time. Also, I have to admit - Kate's No Longer Neglected series inspired me to wear this sweater after at least a year of it sitting in a spare bedroom closet. Like I said, it was like wearing a robe, so I just couldn't help myself. :)

Look 1: with a jacket - Look 2: with bright tights - Look 3: with a blazer - Look 4: as a skirt 

P.S. Yay for Thrifter Thursday being back! :)


  1. The red dress with teal blazer is my favorite; I'm crazy about ths outfit! Also, I'm al for today's look and feeling like you're waring pajamas. Sign me up :)

  2. Oh this does look comfy - but still very stylish! I love clothes that are like that!!

  3. I love the second dress with the red tights! You look really sleek in that one! And I can totally tell your boots are your fave! ;)

  4. I have a long sweater that feels exactly like a robe - I honestly wear it ALL.THE.TIME. Anything that makes me feel comfortable at work is a good thing!

    I think my favorite look is the one with the bright tights - so cute!

  5. I LOVE dresses that are like pajamas. Confession time: I have a comfy jersey dress that I actually do wear to bed sometimes...then I wake up and wear it the next day. Guilty as charged...and only slightly embarrassed to admit it. :) You look fantastic in your pj-like dress!