Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Vacation

tee & shoes: Target, jacket: Kohl's, leggings: Giant Eagle

I had to go back to work today and have to admit that I was not happy about it! I've had the past week off, and while last Thursday and Friday were spent mostly prepping for my sister-in-laws' wedding, this week was spent completely to myself and it was pretty refreshing. I let myself have Monday with no expectations of getting a single thing done, but at least got a few things done the next two days! Just for fun, here's a list of what I accomplished:

- Shopped too much. For real...I even returned some stuff today because I messed up my budget. Here's hoping that mustard colored $20 blazer I found is still there next month! 

- Read a whole book in one day (and found several more that I reserved from the library!)

- Ate a family size box of triscuits all by myself.

- Went to the dentist to get a filling.

- Grocery shopping.

- Finally went for a run/walk and proved to myself I can still make it 4 miles.

- Mowed the lawn and pulled weeds.

- Watched a bunch of awful television - seriously...kardashians, new atlanta, that show on bravo about the preachers. It was bad!

- Took care of some car maintenance

Now that I'm back to work, of course I had the scratchy throat beginning of a cold that kicked in this afternoon. I've been trying the drink orange juice and lounge on the couch approach tonight and hopefully that prevents it from being a full fledged cold. My best friend from college is making the drive from South Carolina this weekend and we have too much planned to be sick!


  1. Feel better and have a good weekend! I really like this outfit, casual but put together!

  2. Wow! You were very busy for a day after vacation! Way to go on the 4 miles too! I can't wait to start running again after baby.

  3. Busy girl but you look casually chic. I am dying to see all your shopping. And I hope you feel better.