Monday, December 30, 2013

My Favorite

sweatshirt: Old Navy, tank: Target, jeans: Shopper's World, boots: Payless, bracelet: bought from a lady on the beach in Jamaica (hey, I like my souvenirs in the form of jewelry!)

Today I had lunch with a few of the girls I work with to make up for a happy hour we cancelled on our last day of work before winter break because although the stress of the finishing everything up before we all left campus for almost 2 weeks probably made us all feel like we needed a few drinks, we were all cool with just heading right home to relax instead. It's nice to have a solid group of co-workers that you actually look forward to spending time with outside of the 40 hours per week we're required to be in the same physical space - I feel fortunate that every job I've had has been like that!

But anyway, I scored this sweatshirt for something crazy like $4 the other day when I headed out with my gift cards to take advantage of the Old Navy after Christmas sales. Did I need another sweatshirt, especially a gray one? No, but I just couldn't say no to that deal. Unfortunately I had the same experience with a pair of black boots today at Marshall's, so that may be a problem I need to work on. :) 

And because I think this is such a fun idea, I'm linking up with Two Birds, showing off my favorite Christmas present for Inspiration Monday. While I am super happy with everything my lucky self was gifted this year, my Michael Kors jacket wins the prize for favorite. Seriously - check that thing out...I'm in love! I'm almost terrified to wear it for fear of damaging it, I love it that much. I pretty much knew I was going to get it from my mother-in-law because I was with her when I first saw it on super sale on Black Friday and freaked out about it, but couldn't bring myself to buy it. That, and my husband told me no, but I only ask him if I can buy something when I know I shouldn't and don't trust that I have the willpower to make that happen! :) What was your favorite gift?!

christmas coat


  1. that love! i know how you feel about not wanting to wear it, but you need to, it's fabulous!! happy new year!

  2. Great jacket! I got a MK watch this year from Santa--and I'm lovin' it! :) T.

  3. Oh wow, what a gorgeous jacket, you are a lucky lady!

  4. Oooh, Jess! I'm loving that jacket! Your red jeans are so fun, too! :)