Monday, December 2, 2013

November Budget

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Here we November spending recap!

Printed pants from Target - $8.38 for the blue pair and $13.98 for the red printed pair
With this two additions I'm starting to have quite the ankle pants collection. I think I need to slow it down a bit, then add the new plain black pair I really need once the weather is warm enough to consistently show my ankles again.
Leopard shoes from Target - $5.38 for the flats and $8.98 for the heels
The leopard print heels already in my closet have a squeaky heel and the flats already in my closet are probably one more season away from being worn out, so I couldn't help myself when it came to these two purchases. 
Tunics from Target - $12.48 each
Just liked 'em. :)
Blazer from Target - $17.48
I have one that's the same material and fit that I really like, so I couldn't help but add this one to my closet as well. 
Target sweater from Goodwill - $3.99
For only $3.99, I thought it was worth welcoming another neutral layer into my closet. 
The Limited black pants from Discount Fashion Warehouse - $12
These were pretty much a necessity. I had one pair of black pants that are the right length to wear with flats and they're just a little bit tight right now. I blame all the great fall beers for that extra 5 pounds. Here's hoping that the half marathon training I'll begin soon will help. Just don't remind me that by the end of the week I'll be in a swim suit in Jamaica. Eek...
Heels from Lane Bryant from Discount Fashion Warehouse - $12
A little animal print, a moderate heel, and the closed toe makes them professional looking in my opinion! They'll get plenty of wear during the week, which is about the only time I wear heels anymore.
Total = $107.15

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  1. those leopard heels! I would have bought them for that price, too! I've had my eye on those and now I want to go to Target to see if they have my size on sale!

    1. I had to buy them a half size too big because they didn't have my size in stock and I was too stubborn to pay full price online, but it was nothing that some inserts couldn't fix. :)

  2. Good prices on the Target items! They've been on fire with stuff lately! I have a couple of gift cards that were given to me for me and not baby, and I can't wait to spend them on some goodies!

    1. Thanks! For awhile I didn't find anything, now I love everything again!

  3. You got some beautiful stuff from Target WOW! Love both pairs of printed pants, all your animal-print shoes and that amazing blazer. With leopard being so festive and the jewel tones, these pieces are great for the Holidays, also. =)

  4. Really great pieces! Everything seems so classic and will work well together!

  5. I love both pairs of printed pants that you got - so cute! You did a really good job on your budget! And I feel you on the swimsuit thing - I am going on a cruise next month and I am NOT ready to be in a swimsuit :(

    1. Thanks Ashley! I wish I would've spent a little less, but I'm happy with the pieces I found.