Monday, January 13, 2014

30x30 - Day 7

shirt: Express, blazer and necklace: Target, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (from Express), shoes: Discount Fashion Warehouse (from Lane Bryant)

It's true, I am as exhausted as this picture makes me look. Blame it on one late night over the weekend that this old lady can't handle anymore, a long day at work, or most likely the fact that I went from not working out at all to fitting in either a run or short yoga session into 5 days last week. I have a long way to go, but was proud of myself for at least a week of consistency and hope to keep that going! As probably part of that exhaustion, I found myself in front of my closet this morning feeling like I had nothing to wear, just like I predicted I would. To make myself feel better, today was the day I selected the 30th item for my 30x30. If you're not sure what I'm talking about then read this post, and yes I was still late for work today! :) 

officially item #30 in the 30x30

And although full length black pants are probably what I would consider the least interesting in my closet, they're a necessity for anyone working in an environment that calls for a business casual dress code. Here's a few ways I've managed to style them and add some personality to the look in other ways...




  1. Adding in working out and going out is definitely exhausting. I am an old lady who can't hang much anymore either, ha ha! You look great and that blazer is such a pretty color!

  2. good for you on the working out! I'm supposed to be going 6 days a week, but I only managed 3 last week. Oops! I'm trying to do better this week. Great 30th item! That shirt is cute!

  3. A great pair of black pants can go a long way! Looks like you've found your perfect pair - great styling!

  4. I agree, black dress pants are essential. They aren't super interesting, but they are a good place to start for work outfits. I really like this color blocked shirt, great addition to the challenge!

  5. JUST KIDDING JUST REPLIED TO THIS USING A WORK EMAIL. Anyway - that blazer is gorge and the new top is a perfect addition! Pretend the comment above never happened!

  6. That is a great 30th piece to add. I was really admiring that shirt. It is color-blocked. It is Black+White, what's not to love? The Teal Blazer is a stunner too. Your best Outfit so far in this remix. And you are being too tough on yourself. You look great. =)