Thursday, February 20, 2014

Style Swap

style swap 2.20

Today I’m partnering with Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood for Ginny and Jenn’s style swap link-up, and for Heather’s Pinned It and Did It link-up (see my pin here!). I really liked Ada’s casual black and white printed pants + brown sweater look, and knew that I had some similar pieces to recreate her look. I kept the combination of printed pants with a neutral top, but went with a burgundy and black design paired with a tan sweater. I think that Ada’s idea to pair something neutral with printed pants is great way to keep a print from feeling overwhelming. For me, it also meant that it made me feel like this could be pulled off as a work look! It didn’t hurt that this strangely warm weather we’re experiencing the next few days was perfect for wearing ankle pants. Who else in colder climates misses showing some ankle?!


  1. Great Swap! Thanks for linking up with the Style Swap!!

  2. I really like your take and so glad to see you linked up. This outfit is great!

  3. I like your take on my Outfit. It is so different than my Outfit but I do see the inspiration. I want a cozy V-Neck Beige Sweater like yours and those Pants are great. Check out how I re-created your Outfit. This Style Swap Collaboration was great. Thanks for the kind words, as well. =)

  4. Love this! It's a great take on Ada's outfit. I wish I could see your printed pants a little better. They seem pretty awesome!

  5. i definitely miss the ankle pant...i have been wearing them here and there, chancing frostbite!! i love your version, so cute!