Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Budget


Pictured above:
Black skirt – $5.98 from Target
Gray jeggings - $8.98 from Target
Black dress - $8.98 from Target
Flannel - $6.88 from Target
Beige tee - $12 from Target
Brown(ish) ankle boots - $10.48 from Target
Brown tall boots - $11.98 from Target
Colorblock cardigan - $13.98 from Target

Not pictured:
Black and white open cardigan - $14.99 from Kohl's
Skinny jeans - $27 from Kohls (seen here)
Vest - $3.99 thrifted from Volunteer of America
Gold necklace - $5.08 from Target (seen here)

Total = $130.32, but $50.32 out of pocket after gift cards and Kohls cash 

I really liked the idea of creating a clothing budget for the year like I’ve seen over on Jessica and Inge’s blogs for example, rather than focusing on a specific amount each month. And let’s be realistic – my monthly “budget” post turned into more of a monthly summary of what I spent. I always had $75 as the ideal dollar amount each month, but pretty consistently I surpassed that amount. So I’m switching over to a yearly goal of $900, which still could mean $75 each month, but I’m hoping that keeping that grand total in mind keeps me on track with my spending. We’ll see how I do!  The dollar amount saved from gift cards and coupons won't be included in the total each month. Also, I will give myself another exception this year because I did receive some money from a family member, from what was left behind when my aunt passed away this past November and I plan to put some thought into what that gets spent on. I want to be responsible with those funds, but also want to do something with a small part of if that will remind me of her in my own way every day. For me, I am incredibly sentimental with jewelry, and if I make that purchase I won’t be including that purchase in my budget.
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  1. The yearly budget really made much more sense for me, and it's been working out great. I hope it does for you too! I think that getting something extra special to remember your aunt is a very nice idea.

  2. Gift cards rock don't they? How awesome that you got that cost down with those! And I think setting a yearly budget is a great idea.

  3. You did so well. You are fantastic at collecting coupons and finding great deals. I cannot get over those Target prices. All very chic & versatile pieces too. Did you check HOW MUCH I spent for January? Check out my post.

    I too am all about setting up a yearly sum rather than a monthly one. I am thinking that way this year.