Monday, March 10, 2014

Navy + Maroon

tee: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, scarf: gift, pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Limited brand), shoes: Target

This is an outfit from a day last week that I liked my outfit well enough to photograph it, but was too tired to think of anything intelligent enough to say about it. Whether or not I have anything to say about the outfit now may may be questionable, but at least I have the energy to put a post together. :) For $10, these pants were a great investment. Black is typically my go-to, especially in the winter, but after buying this really comfortable layering tee from H&M and then discovering this scarf that brothers' girlfriend gave me for Christmas, navy and maroon were the way to go. This sweater is undeniably another cozy favorite, but these heels are a comfortable option that I can always count on to make a look feel more professional!


  1. I still can't believe what a steal you got those pants for - and they do look so nice with so many things!!

  2. Very cute! Navy looks good with almost everything!!

  3. I want Maroon Cropped Pants badly. Navy is such a pretty neutral that goes with so much. Loving your Neutral Patent Leather Pumps, too. =)

  4. this is definitely a great outfit, jess, i love the combination of colors! and the reason why i often only post a couple days a week is because i just can't think of anything to say, so i definitely know the feeling, but i'm glad you showcased this outfit because it really is a great one :)