Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warby Parker

warby parker

Despite the message mother nature has been sending us, warmer weather and sunshine will be back! So when Warby Parker contacted me about helping them announce their new sunglasses in the Spectrum Sun Collection, I was excited for the nice little reminder that soon I can come out of hibernation. :) Although I love that there's some fun color options like cherry blossom and eucalyptus, my favorites in the new collection are the Hall in whiskey tortoise, and the Piper in both revolver black and woodland tortoise. So classic! As a long-time glasses wearer and someone who has embraced (finally!) the idea that a great pair of frames can reflect your personality, I love that you can order any of Warby Parker's sunglasses with prescription lenses. I purchased prescription sunglasses a few years ago and it was money well spent - no more putting in irritating contacts for the day just because I wanted to wear some cute, cheaply made sunglasses! With Warby Parker's stylish frames and reasonable prices, there's a strong possibility I'll be adding another quality pair to my collection at some point soon. 

Check out not only the new collection, but all options available for eyeglasses and sunglasses. You read my selfish reasons for liking the brand above, but for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker ensures that someone in need receives a pair too through their partnerships with various non-profits. That's pretty cool too, don't you think?!

*Warby Parker contacted me about helping announce this collections' launch, but I received no compensation for this post and all opinions are my own! 


  1. when i first discovered shopping online for glasses, i went a little nuts. like bought three new pairs nuts. one pair is from warby parker and i love them!! i might need a pair of prescription sunglasses!!

    1. Since I always wear glasses, I really really want at least one more pair so that I can have some options! :)

  2. Great review. I love this company's mission too helping people in need. As a matter of fact they also contacted me a couple of months ago to do a review. Unfortunately they couldn't E-Mail me a pair since they don't ship to Europe but hopefully it works out when I am in the States again.