Wednesday, June 18, 2014

April/May Maternity Purchases

april.may maternity collage

Because I purchased a lot of things during the time things were silent on here, I’ll be doing one post that details the maternity purchases I made during April and May, then a separate post about the non-maternity purchases I made during those months. Then hopefully I’ll be all caught up and ready at the end of the month to post about all of June’s additions!
So back to my maternity purchases – I think the theme here was basics. I knew that I would need a pair of blank pants for work and jeans so those were my highest priority. For the black pants, I just bought the first pair I liked at Target without doing much searching and so far they’ve been really great. Both jeans were found in the same trip to Goodwill and the dark wash pair is hands down my favorite. I really wish I could buy the same pair in non-maternity for later! Thrifting for maternity jeans was so much easier than thrifting for non-maternity jeans because I could scan through all the racks and just look out for the stretchy waistbands that were pretty easy to spot.
After finding black pants and jeans, my next priority was to find tops to layer under cardigans, blazers, and vests that I already have. My goal really is to maximize my current closet as much as possible! Target was clearly where I focused my energy, finding some items in the store and those really flowy black and gray t-shirts online. Not going to lie, I’m anticipating those flowy tees in constant rotation with leggings for maternity leave days!
A few comfortable dresses were next on the list. The black dress and the navy and white striped dress from Target are my favorites. Between the length and the fact that they have sleeves, I can dress these up with heels and a blazer for work, or I can pair them with sandals (or sneakers!) and a jean jacket for weekends too. Hands down my favorite find so far!
As you can see from my total spent just on maternity clothes during those two months, you can imagine my yearly budget of $900 is almost done at this point and will need some adjusting. Although I went on a bit of a shopping spree, I feel like I have options now and haven’t felt the need to shop as much the past few weeks. Instead I’ve been able to rely on some old favorites I rediscovered in my closet refresh my options, which I’ll talk about in a future post!
- White pants $28: exact
- Black dress pants $33.24: exact
- Black t-shirt dress $22.99: exact
- Blue striped t-shirt dress $19.99: exact
- Maroon sweatshirt $11.98
- Black tee/gray tee $18.39 each: exact
- Black layering tank $10.39: exact
- Plain tees: blue $9.49, coral $6.63, white $9.49: exact
- Striped long sleeve $11.38: exact 
Old Navy:
- Blue maxi dress $12.75: exact 

- Dark wash cropped skinnies $4.99: seen in this post 
- Light wash skinnies $4.99
- Gray dress $6.99: similar 
- Maroon tee $3.99: layered up in this post
April/May maternity purchases total = $234.07
$705.5 spent out of $900 yearly budget = $194.50 remaining


  1. Hmm, Blogger ate my first comment I think - I tried to say, I think you've done pretty well so far! I bought pretty much all of my maternity jeans at the thrift store too - it wasn't too hard to find them and they were all so comfy!

  2. I think you did a great job of finding basics that will work well for you as your baby grows, and you're right - so many of them could probably be worn post-baby as well!

  3. Very nice basics. You will be able to make lots of outfits out of these. In all honesty, I personally purchased very few maternity pieces: a pair of jeans, a pencil skirt, 2 pairs of dressy pants, 4 tops and a cardigan. That's it. I relied on all of my other clothes and purchased a couple of loose tops (in a soft jersey material, non-maternity) and between what I had it all worked out and was indeed in a new outfit for work, each day. Also, almost all of my regular leggings worked. But again that was me. My belly was small and it worked for me. I bought my maternity stuff either at Target or Kohl's btw.