Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We're Having A....


dress: Target: exact / similar (non-maternity maxi length)
blazer: Target: exact (these ponte blazers are my favorite!)
shoes: Target: exact (and they're even on sale)
necklace: gift: similar

To start off on a really fun note, I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and we found out we're having a boy!! I had been so excited to find out, and then starting on Sunday afternoon I had the anxiousness kick in - that ultrasound isn't simply to tell if you're having a boy or girl, obviously it's to check and make sure things are happening developmentally as they should be and I was so anxious just to hear that everything looked good. I feel like it's such a cliche when you say you just want a healthy baby and don't care if it's a boy or girl, but by the time my anxiety was at its peak yesterday I completely understood why people say that! But everything looks great, baby boy is currently in the 85th percentile for size, and I've started to feel the little nugget move around. So fun!


  1. I know I've already congratulated you a million times on the boy - but yay for boys! And you know what, there are just as many fun boy clothes as girl clothes I think! You're looking good - love your striped blazer!

  2. Yay, how exciting! I'm loving this dress and blazer combo, and it looks great with those flats!

  3. Hooray for your little boy! That's so exciting!!

  4. You look great first of all. I have wanted a Blazer like yours for a while now. The shoes are great too.

    So happy for you and your baby boy. This is such an exciting time for you three. Now you get to start planning his nursery, buying cute clothes, etc. =)

  5. aw yay jess! you look & sound so happy and excited, congratulations again to you guys!

  6. :-) Congrats!!!! Wow half way there already!

  7. I have been gone for so long. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look adorable :)