Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Challenges

sweater: Discount Fashion Warehouse - Express brand: similar
pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse - Express brand: similar
tee: H&M: similar
shoes: thrifted: similar
necklace: Discount Fashion Warehouse - Express brand
bracelet: gift shop in South Carolina

Pregnancy has brought on some new wardrobe challenges, which I expected. I truly didn't enjoy putting together outfits much through the first trimester because everything was focused on whatever options would hide my stomach but still be comfortable, and even though I don't have a closet full of tight fitting clothing, I found that limiting my options pretty significantly. Blazers and sweaters truly were my best friends. Layer it up, add a scarf sometimes, and hope that was distracting enough. Add in the nausea that accompanied weeks probably 7 through 11 and what I was wearing was typically the last thing I was concerned about! 

So this is an example of one of those outfits I wore in the weeks before telling co-workers - I actually did take some outfit pictures, I just never got the energy to post about them! Over the next 21-ish weeks I'm sure you'll see me try to be really thoughtful about what I add to my closet, allowing myself to purchase enough options that I enjoy getting dressed each day for as long as possible without completely forgetting about the yearly budget I originally determined on maternity clothes that I do not intend to wear long term after the pregnancy! 


  1. I think the phase where you're trying to hide it is the most challenging. It gets a little more fun again once everyone knows! Layers are great, that is for sure!! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, I'm happy to help!

  2. I always hated those first 12 weeks, fashion-wise. Everyone just thought I was gaining weight! But these days, the styles are so great for moms to be, even non-maternity clothes like maxi dresses and oversized sweaters!

  3. I could imagine getting dressed in the first trimester would be a pain-- especially if you were trying to hide the bump! Hope getting dressed is as easy and effortless as can be for the duration of your pregnancy!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  4. Yeah I could see how nausea would take away any energy and interest in getting dressed. I feel like that when I'm just sick so I couldn't imagine also trying to camouflage a bump at the same time! Let's hope you can have more fun with it now that you can flaunt your maternity style!

  5. Yay congrats!!! Can't wait to see your bump updates!