Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Things


dress: Target: similar / similar (different color, but the fit looks perfect!) 
sweater: Old Navy: similar (crew neck) / similar
belt: Forever 21: similar / similar
shoes: Target: exactsimilar

I've seen that a few bloggers have highlighted how great this dress is and in my opinion, this dress deserves every bit of that attention! (see Franziska and Audrey's posts) This is an item that I sized up when I purchased it in hopes that it will get plenty of use this summer, then will be a forgiving piece later on and I really think it fits that need perfectly. To give it more shape, it was as easy as adding a belt and a cardigan. I feel best and most creative when I'm able to put together a color combination that is at least somewhat unexpected (ok, maybe just mostly unexpected to the non-blogger population...haha!) so the teal and the green felt like a really good pair. It's the little things than apparently can make my day! 


  1. This is soooo cute! I love when a color combination works out that you weren't expecting - the teal and green are great! And so is this dress! Your sweater looks so comfy too. Little things make my day too, I totally understand that!

  2. It is a cute dress. I might just have to join the herd and get one myself!!

  3. Oh my goodness I love this! The color combination is awesome.

  4. i love this! your cardigan looks yellow to me, which i think goes with gray perfectly, but i love that it may be a little greener to go with the green belt. you look amazing, jess! i hope you are feeling just as awesome!

  5. Love that pretty pastel cardigan (it also looks like a lemony yellow from my screen). I adore it with that pretty and versatile dress. The slip-ons are awesome! You are glowing!