Tuesday, July 1, 2014

April/May Non-Maternity Purchases

non-maternity April.May


- Orange dress $2.99 (#1)
- Gray tunic sweater $1.99 (#6)
- White button up $3.99 (not pictured)
- Sweatshirt dress $5.99 (not pictured but seen here)
- Brown shoes $6.99 (not pictured but seen here)


- Black/white striped dress $15 (#3): exact
- Nude flats $16 (not pictured but seen here)
- Gray maxi dress $27 (#2): similar

World Market:

- Mint scarf $4.99 (#7): exact 
- Earrings $3.74 each: first pair similar / second pair similar  


- Pointy toed (#4) & round toe (#5) - $40.49 for both thanks to the BOGO sale!: exact / exact

April/May non-maternity total = $132.91 
$838.41 spent out of $900 yearly budget = $61.59 remaining

So I'm just now catching up with my April/May non-maternity purchases, and can already tell you that as soon as I get my June purchases summary together, I am definitely over my $900 yearly budget already. Whoops. That'll needed to be adjusted, I just still can't decide what the new appropriate amount will be. 
For my non-maternity purchases during April and May, I tried to find some options that by bumping up a size would accommodate my growing belly while also being good and hopefully somewhat forgiving pieces during that time period when I’ll be back to work but still likely not feeling physically back to my normal self. It didn’t hurt if I thought it’d be something I would wear even once I did feel back to normal. I think that the striped stress, the gray maxi dress, and the orange dress all have potential to meet at least two of those three requirements.
The rest of my dollars were spent on items that were replacement items (the nude flats and heels) or just items that I know will fit regardless of what month of my pregnancy I’m in. Because we all know that a pretty scarf or some cute little earrings will always fit. :)


  1. You're totally going at the maternity wardrobe the right way! That is what I did too - buying items that were up a size that could work before and after the baby was born. And hey, the shoes and scarf are just fun!!

  2. All 3 great dresses for a pregnant belly and love that you got all silhouettes in Nude Shoes because I seriously think a woman needs a round-toe pump, pointy-toe pump and ballet flats in beige/nude. =) Great buys for excellent deal.

    Stop by sometime. Miss hearing from you. =)

    Happy July Jess!!

  3. That is why I love shoes and jewels so much...they will always fit! I love your orange dress!