Wednesday, July 9, 2014


June 2014


1. teal maxi dress $7.48: exact
2. coral maternity dress $27.99: exact
3gray tee $12.98: exact
4. black maternity shorts $24.99: exact
5. brown wedges $24.99: exact
6. sandals $19.99: exact
7. maxi skirt $19.99: exact
(not pictured) orange tee $9.98

Old Navy:

9. black maternity jeans $18.97: exact
10. skinny jeans $34.94: exact

Famous Footwear:

8. coral wedges $20: exact
11. moccasins $39.99: exact

Sam's Club:

12. striped tee $14.99

June total = $277.28
$1,115.69 spent out of $900 = -$215.69...whomp whomp....

As I've been saying, I knew I would blow the yearly budget buying clothes to accommodate this big huge life change that's going on, but whoa - a little bit shocking to see it in writing that in just 6 months I've already gone $215.69 over my orginial yearly budget. Some thoughts though looking back on my purchases:

- The maternity black jeans, skinny jeans, and black shorts were a necessity. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, but there's no way I could survive summer without at least one pair. 

- I went a little shoe crazy this month! I probably didn't need the sandals but the brown wedges are a comfortable work appropriate option, the coral wedges were too good of a deal to pass up, and I have the same moccasins in gray and have loved them so my rationale was that a tan pair would get lots of use (especially in the fall when I'm likely going to really be focused on just trying to be comfortable!). 

- The coral maternity dress will likely be returned. I feel like I've picked up enough other options that will get me through the summer and I'd rather spend that money on something that transitions better into fall and will get used throughout those final months of pregnancy as well.

- Yes, this shirt is actually plus size, and no I don't care. I wanted a little bit of an oversize, comfortable look and it was on sale! :)

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  1. Budgets do need to be blown when your body is changing. And like you said, all of these things are pretty season-versatile!! I'd say you did a great job!

  2. I didn't even really keep track of what I spent on maternity clothes - I'm not sure I want to know, lol. I borrowed some of it to a friend after and sold some of it after, so I feel a little better about that at least! I agree with the birds, you bought some great versatile things here! And I too re-discovered how much I love shorts when I was pregnant last summer! They're awesome when it's warm!

  3. Ohhh so many pretty striped pieces and gorgeous shoes last month. I also love the teal maxi dress. Cannot wait to see it on you. =)

  4. I completely agree that you kind of have to blow your budget with maternity clothes! I mean, you have to have pants to wear! It looks like pretty much everything you got is versatile though, which is awesome!

    I don't think I ever congratulated you on baby boy! Soooo exciting! When is your due date?