Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jacob: 8 Months

8 months

We're almost hitting the 9 month mark, but I didn't want to completely skip the 8 month update, so here we go...

Mostly nugget or nug.

21.8 pounds (90th percentile) / 29 inches (95th percentile, although after a recent trip at the doctor he measured I think closer to 28.5 so we were a little off)

Things we can't live without:
It's so silly that I can't think of anything that's been a lifesaver, but we're planning a trip and it's making me realize how much harder it would be to function without a crib, a high chair, his fan and white noise machine he's used to, etc.

Things he likes: 
Now that he's so good at sitting up we don't use the Jumperoo as much, instead letting him sit on the floor with his toys. The classic stacker toy and bucket of the different shaped blocks have been his go to, just more for waving around and chewing on. The kid also loves all tags so he's always on the look out for any that are within his reach. 

Things he dislikes:
Just about when he hit the 8 month mark he went through this phase of waking up multiple times and being really tough to get back to sleep, and he went on a bottle strike at daycare and was picky with food. It was a guessing game each day at daycare to figure out what he decided he actually like that day. The only benefit this exhausted momma came up with from that whole experience is that I went from 5 ounces of frozen milk to probably closer to 50 stashed away! Also, he's not a fan of the pacifier anymore, which I'm more than ok with. 

Favorite characteristics:
Such a happy baby! He's definitely not stingy with the smiles, unless it's when I drop him off at daycare in the morning then I often get the straight faced stare. :)

He's so much better at sitting up on his own, there's hardly any wobbling anymore! He's also on the move, with a cute little upright bounce/scoot trick. We're also starting to try some finger foods. So far the dude loves his puffs and will go for little pieces of pasta. And teeth! The bottom two have officially made their appearance. 

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