Monday, July 27, 2015

Since I've Been Gone

tee: Sam's Club, pants & necklace: Target, shoes: Old Navy

I have the quiet around here to blame on the usual excuse of the demands of being a full time working momma not leaving much time or energy for this little hobby blog of mine, but after rebounding from a particularly challenging several weeks of parenthood that resulted in a lot of lost sleep I'm feeling better and wanting to reconnect with this space. In terms of outfit selection, you really haven't missed much. I'm beginning to think that if you just gave me a black tee for every day of the week I'd be completely happy just pairing them with different bottoms and accessories. But for fun, I thought I'd share some things that have happened since I last blogged:

I gave up dairy...
This actually happened back in May and I'm truthfully pretty surprised I've stuck with it for the most part. Jacob had really itchy and rashy skin and I'm still nursing him so eliminating dairy was a little bit of an experiment. His skin almost entirely cleared up so I'd say there's a good chance the dairy was the culprit. After about a month I started experimenting with eating products made out of either goat or sheeps milk and I've been able to do that with no problem. Thank goodness for Trader Joe's and their cherry chocolate chip soy ice cream for saving my summer! :)

I started running again...
I signed up for a half marathon in October and it was finally time to stop mentally blocking out that fact. It's still a bit sporadic and the distances or times are nothing impressive but the comeback feels good. Since I started back up I've had a lot more energy throughout the day which is a huge added bonus.

We committed to our first trip as a family of 3...
Plane tickets are booked and we're spending a week out in California to visit family next month. I can't decide what I'm more nervous about - how Jacob will behave on a cross country flight or about the logistics of traveling with everything needed for a baby. I'm trying to let that go and just let the excitement of taking our first vacation in almost 2 years take over instead!

These pants fit...
This feels like a really big deal so I had to include. Have you ever bought a pair of pants on clearance without trying them on because they're your size and you're sure they'll fit, and then they don't? That was what happened with the pants pictured in this post several years ago. Like so many years ago I can't remember when and my pack rat ways prevented me from ever getting rid of them. I decided to try them on again and they actually fit! Thank you nursing and thank you baby for preventing me from having the time and energy to drink my calories or snack the evening away. I had gained some weight before I got pregnant and it feels good to have that be gone, but I've got this fear that it'll one day soon very easily return. Always a struggle!

Tomorrow I have a post to talk about what Jacob has been up to in the 8 month update now that he's closer to 9 months. You know, right on time. ;)

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