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Here I am, finding myself feeling the need to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth once again and being hopeful that I can keep up with posting, as I've found that it really does serve as a creative outlet that helps me feel a little more balanced! I thought what better way to come back then to joining in the Currently link up with Anne and Jenna to share a little bit about what life has been like lately...

Eating: a new recipe!
Our team at work will use any excuse to have a potluck, so when a co-worker left recently we of course had a potluck in her honor. A potluck is even better with a theme, and since she’s from Jamaica we decided on a American/Jamaican fusion theme. I decided to make Jamaican Jerk Meatballs. I found this recipe from Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen (picture above is from her post b/c we ate the ones I made before I thought to snap a picture!) and because I’m the laziest person ever in the kitchen, I bought frozen meatballs and skipped right down to step 7 in the instructions, the optional serving idea that said to put everything in the crockpot. I don’t measure crockpot ingredients, so I just put in the Caribbean jerk marinade and chili sauce until I thought there was enough, then added a 10 oz jar of mango preserve because I couldn’t find pineapple and let it cook on high for 3 hours. And guess what? It was still delicious. :)

Exploring: Columbus
I've lived here for 13 years, moving here as a barely 18 year old starting my freshman year of college. It may sound funny saying I'm exploring a city I've lived in for so long but I segment my relationship with this city based on the different seasons of life. I had my favorite things to do and places to go as a college student at Ohio State (or The Ohio University if you're being a stickler), as a post-undergrad figuring out adulthood, as a partner and then wife, and now I'm trying to discover what new favorites we can include that provide enjoyment for a little one as well. Although it was a little north of the city, we checked out a local county fair this month and I loved showing Jacob the animals, something he's hardly had any exposure to due to his city dwelling non pet owning parents. :)

Wearing: running clothes!
I signed up for a half marathon that's happening mid-October and then blissfully ignored that fact for months. A month ago I finally got so scared that I finally had to find something that worked for my schedule. I've been managing one longer run on the weekends and then 2-3 runs on my lunch hour during the work week because it just won't happen at home. I'm hoping I can keep this up when work hits a busy time at the end of this month!

Admiring: the experience of motherhood
We are officially within a month of little man’s first birthday and I go between feeling amazed that’s it’s already been a year and thinking that the time has absolutely flown by to then feeling like I’ve been a mother forever and how is my baby only 11 months old? Being a mother has completely changed my life (as I think it does for just about everyone – ha!) and it’s really a fascinating thing when you stop and think about it.

Collecting: nothing
And trying to keep it that way! I've kind of hit a point of frustration about many things I own and don't need, with my biggest weakness being clothing (and with that also shoes, purses, scarves, etc). I read the magic of tidying by Marie Kondo and am really seeing the draw to simpler surroundings and am trying to make some changes.

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