Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pin to Present

pinned look linked here / my outfit: shirt: Old Navy, sweater: Kohl's, pants: Kohl's, shoes: Target

Black jeggings and leopard print flats are two of the items I have been most consistently reaching for in my closet, so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to this look and pinned it to my fall/winter style board on Pinterest. A tee of some kind has always my go-to pairing with an open and loose fitting cardigan like this one and I welcomed a way to switch it up by layering a button up shirt instead. This cozy cardigan was one of my favorite layering pieces towards the end of my pregnancy. I would throw on a fitted maternity tee and the cardigan was the perfect layer to take on and off throughout the day. A necessary function of my sweaters at that time, as pregnancy hormones and carrying all that extra weight left me feeling overheated often even on the chilliest fall days! It’s showing all the love it’s been giving and look a little worn, but I’m glad it was one of the smarter pregnancy purchases made that still has a very appropriate place in my current closet.

Linking up with Anne today for Pin to Present…

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