Friday, October 16, 2015

Working Momma

top, sweater, and jeans: Discount Fashion Warehouse, boots: Target

If there’s one type of item that I have a larger appreciation for since becoming a mom, it’s flats. I’ve always relied on them pretty heavily, but even more so lately. Ever try balancing getting a baby out to the car, then into daycare and situated for the day in heels? No thank you. On the rare days I do choose to wear heels I’ll wear a pair of flats or moccasins until I get to desk when I change into heels, but that’s just a lot of work and I’m lazy. :)

While I’ve always had tall flat boots in both tan, black, and brown, I realized that all of my booties had at least a small heel. Most were still easy enough to walk in, but I knew that true flat booties would give me a great option that I could rely on for both the work day and the weekend. Although I would’ve loved to check out this Dolce Vita pair or the Sam Edelman pair that I see all over the internet, my budget doesn’t support that type of investment right now. My timing was just right - I got lucky and found some clearance boots in June, paying about $15 for this brown pair pictured above at Target and about $15 for a black pair at Kohl’s. Although my pair from Target are not currently available in brown, they do still have them in black. I couldn’t find the exact pair I bought at Kohl’s, but this pair looks really similar in shape to the pair I bought with the more pointed toe. They’re available in black, but I’m really liking the Polo Tan color too! Although unfortunately they’re not as amazing of a price as I found early in the summer, but both are on sale at what I consider a pretty reasonable price point.

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