Tuesday, April 12, 2016



I feel like I'm coming up out of a funk I fell into for a few weeks and between work being a little bit challenging lately (and not in the positive leads to personal growth type of way), a very close friend unexpectedly losing a family member who was a teacher and coach to us all throughout our childhood, and finally feeling the 5 extra pounds that snuck back on it was hard to pull myself out of it. But a couple of lunch hours spent on walks last week, an early release granted on our Friday work sentence ;) and some time to myself to go thrifting which hasn't happened since maybe before I had Jacob I think helped me start to rise above my own attitude.

Then we woke up on Saturday morning to a dusting of snow and a text from my mother-in-law saying they got 7 inches of snow overnight and guess where we were headed for the night? Right to their house! I couldn't help but be annoyed because I don't want to wear boots and freeze my ass off anymore, I want to be able to let my kid run off some energy outside and I want to take him to the zoo damnit! I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this, but he's never been and my parents bought us a family membership as early birthday presents so the first nice weekend we get I swear we're going. 

But we got up to their house and it was so pretty it was hard to stay annoyed, and as much as I love living in the city it was just relaxing to surround yourself with sights in the country like this gorgeous snow covering hay bales in a field by a weather beaten barn. It kind of made me want to move back home (our parents live relatively close to each other so it all kind of feels the same) for maybe all of a day. Thankfully some sunshine, a break in the attitude our 1 year old has been throwing my way, and some much needed rest is helping me start to feel like myself again. It feels good to be back...

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