Thursday, April 14, 2016


tee: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Victoria's Secret brand), sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), shoes: Converse

On the weekends I literally live in my black Converse. I'm pretty sure mine are a pair of men's shoes, and I know they were picked up on clearance back when Target carried the brand. Do they even do that anymore? I feel like it's been awhile since I've seen them around, but my ventures out to Target are at an all time low which is very much a good thing for the family budget. 

But either way, these shoes are comfortable even with no socks and laces undone like I always do. I can easily throw them on for a walk around the neighborhood with Jacob (a favorite past time of his), for errands, out to lunch, and pretty much anything else we seem to get ourselves into on the weekends. Our free time is spent pretty casually!

I've found that sneakers don't have to always be paired with the jeans and a sweatshirt route I used to always lean toward. Pair them with a plain tee and a necklace from the Jones Market and I'm good to go. Need an extra layer? Throw on a cardigan! I'm not sure they're even still considered to be in style, but the grandpa style is a favorite of mine and I live in the couple I have on the weekends. 

tee: Kohl's, denim jacket: Old Navy, pants: Target, shoes: Converse

Granted, I work in an office that's really casual but I've found my Converse can even have their place in a casual Friday look. While I could easily throw on a pair of jeans and a university t-shirt (I work as an  Academic Advisor at a local university) and call it a day, my favorite way to wear them is paired with pants that aren't jeans and a denim jacket for good measure because can a denim jacket really do any wrong?!

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